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50 Followers, Carter's Birthday, oh...and blogging again! Dec 11th- Dec 17th

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! It has been a little while! Remember when I did anime reviews...yeah...we failed at doing that again. But...y'know, it''s a thing. But here we are again! I decided to have Saturday kinda be our catch post of what has happened throughout the week! Since so much has been happening, I thought it would be fun to see what we have all went through the week! Let's start with December 11th! We started our new holiday series! Yes..yes, I know I didn't finished the Halloween series, that will be finished eventually, probably next month...or at some point haha But we are doing a holiday series where Aidan wants to bring Yuuki on a Polar express type show, where there will be a cute holiday celebration. Unfortunately, Yuuki is busy and so are her other friends since they are traveling during the holidays. However, we have the triad of treats (I spent so long trying to find a word, and I just have no idea what is a good word to explain them) who are doing nothing for the holiday, as well as an addition with Puddin. However, Aidan only had 3 extra tickets, but we can't have Puddin left behind! Find out what Aidan's plans are!

December 12th It was a decent Monday! A nice start to the week of work. We had a good stream, but yeah that was really all that happened on Monday...I think. I should actually keep track of what happens throughout the week if I am going to do these posts...huh...whoops! Well, it was a Monday, so yeah! December 13th We posted the video of our new webcomic, you can find it on Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, all that, but I'll link the Tiktok here! Express Part 1 Again, another wonderful stream, we actually reached over 40 followers on Twitch that day, I cannot believe all that happened!

December 14th We posted a new drawing, Haruto and Kagami enjoying a trolley ride! I loved this drawing so much and apparently it was really well loved on instagram as well which was very exciting to see! Also...ahem... WE REACHED 50 FOLLOWERS ON TWITCH ahem...sorry, sorry, I just...I was really excited! We haven't even been streaming on twitch for 3 months and we already reached 50 followers, that is just...WOW just wow! Thank you so much for everyone who joins in on the shinanaigans that is my streams on twitch! We have so much fun there, you get to see me create the characters we know and love so much live on stream, see the process, and of course ask me some questions and you might get a little insight of what is to come when it comes to the future of Choco Ichigo! Ahhh 50!!! December 15th We posted the timelapse from Yuuki's birthday! I had so much fun doing this drawing, it was great, the matching PJ's just get me! Ahh! So cute!

December 16th Finally, getting to rest, actually we really did rest that day. I decided to do my very first repost. I have all this art that basically gets lot to the void, but I decided to do a repost of one of my favorite drawings from last year! So enjoy!

December 17th We are going to be streaming on twitch to celebrate CARTER'S BIRTHDAY! WOOH! If you don't know Carter, well he is the punk rock styled butler of the Hooseki family. He isn't around as much as the other characters since he is busy working for the Hooseki family, but when he does show up, we know it is going to be a good time! But yes, we are going to be finishing a drawing we started on Thursday of him and a few of his friends going bowling! Because...yes, bowling. It would be amazing if you could join us on twitch! We have such a fun time and we are trying really hard to get to affiliate! Let's go! We love you Carter! Happy birthday! Thank you so much for stopping by! I think doing a little weekly recap is so fun! So much happens throughout the week, that we really just need time to reflect on just how much actually happens. We post so much content and it kinda just gets lost in the void that is the internet. I am very proud of what we do here and I want to see everything we do and see how much we have grown each week! So yeah! This was very fun to do, I plan to do this at least once a week on Saturdays. Please check out everything I have posted above, perhaps follow my tiktok, follow my other social media, that would be neat too! And come join us on twitch! You will not regret it! It is so so so much fun!!! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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