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A New Student!

Meet Hooseki High School's newest student, Haruto!

Haruto has to be one of my most favorite characters. He is so different, so quirky, he loves to sew and do crafts, he also likes to goof around even though he gets embarrassed really easily. I feel like he is a character people can relate to! I love all my characters, but when I made up Haruto all those years ago he was just someone I went crazy over and I'm so happy to start adding him more into the comics!

How was it for you in school to meet the new kid? Were you someone that went up to them and made them feel welcome? I know I always was the one to go up to them if the popular kids did not capture them first. I liked to show them around school and even if we did not end up being friends, it was still really nice to meet someone new.

Or maybe you were always the new kid, how was that like? I pretty much grew up with the same people all my life, whether they liked it or not, so I never had that experience.

Also, I would like to apologize for this week's webcomic being a little rough. I wasn't feeling all too hot this week and I was also experimenting with Kirta the art program. And wow, it is a great program but there are a lot of things to learn! So I hope to get better with future installments of Choco Ichigo and hopefully they will actually look a lot of smoother and not like a potato replaced my stylus.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go join Kagami in some well needed video game time. See you next week!

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