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A3! / Ep. 4 Review

Um, Hi, hello, WHAT?! Did I miss something? I had no idea A3! was going to start airing again. It has been a while since it first started airing back in what? January? And I didn't see anything mentioning it was going to start airing again. Well...I am happy.

Episode 4 actually came out last week and Episode 5 is coming out today, but I was just in such disbelief that I kept forgetting to watch because...we were without it for long!


Kagami: YES

Tell us where we left off!

Kagami: OKAY! So Sakuya, this high school joins a theatre troupe at the Mankai company that was at risk of being demolished for not making any money. Izumi Tachibana who came to the Mankai company in search of her missing dad comes just in time and convinces to keep the theatre open on the condition that they have a full out for the show they are going to put on. They gather others not really experience actors and put together a script of Romeo and Julius!

Riku go!

Riku: There is Masumi who Kagami thinks is cute and he knows Sakuya from school. Citron who is a foreigner and totally a cutie. Tsuzuru who is also a cutie and *Sigh* Itaru who is a gamer and is causing some problems.

Itaru is a businessman who has an addiction to video games. It is where episode 4 starts where Itaru thinks it is better for him to quit the troupe. He gives the excuse of he thought he was going to have a small part, and that he only joined because of the dorm.

Kagami: That's not completely true though. Last time he had a strong critique by an experienced actor and friend of Izumi's father. He wasn't confident in his abilities and comparing himself to others. Games were sort of a problem, but not completely. It was his confidence that leads him to self-doubt.

Itaru was begged by the troupe to stay. Begging as if they are kids, he is the dad and-

Riku: Citron is the mom!

And saying that they are a family and they really want him to stay and they will all help him improve. Oh my goodness, that was just so sweet!

Riku: Next we learn that Citron actually did not come to the country to be an actor, but instead fled from his country and people are pursuing him...


Kagami: You sure know how to pick 'em, Riku.

Riku: SHUT UP! He is still a cutie!

I...I need to learn more about Citron, just what was he fleeing from? He is such an interesting character and I love him, but what?!



Yep! To make Romeo and Julius more entertaining they decided to incorporate a sword fight.

Kagami: Masumi is a total natural. He looks so good with a sword.

Riku: He is also kind of a jerk...Almost demanding Sakuya to be dropped from his part as Romeo since he is having issues with the sword fight.

Poor Sakuya, he is just trying so hard! Sword Fights are super hard to do, especially on the live stage, because it is not like they are experts at it and you have to predict the other actors moves as if you are actually fighting. It is not easy!

There was so much in this episode and I am just so happy it is back. My A3! First Impressions post was my first "review" post on here and it has gotten so many views. I know I am not exactly the best at reviewing, but I and the other guys are having a good time with it.

Are you getting back into watching A3!? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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