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A3! Ep. 5 Review

Kagami: LOOK! You said that Masumi is a jerk! He is going out of his way to train Sakuya!

Riku: Yeah, because Sakuya doesn't want to drop out of being Romeo so he doesn't want Sakuya to fail the sword fight.

Kagami: I don't see that as a bad thing... There has to be something out of the kindness of his heart to do this!

Riku: Uhhuh...

So what about those ticket sales?

Kagami: Oof... Not so great and also that website...yikes.

Yeah, no offense, Isuke, but I could make a better website as a freshman in high school. I made a pretty cool website then...scared all the boys in the class.

Kagami: Nice.

BUT it was adorable that Isuke is making all this effort, he just needs a little help! So Mokoto calls up a high school friend a bit eccentric and loud and...adorable. Kazunari designs an amazing website for Romeo and Julius and really captures more attention.

Riku: They also take flyers to the streets and do a street performance to get people's attention. Though doing so...Masumi chokes on a line. Mr. Perfection is failing a little bit.

Kagami: Don't pick on him! He is having a hard time with his lines because he doesn't have that connection yet, but he will! I know it!

Riku: Yeah after he freaks out on some girls for pushing around Izumi.

Kagami: worked.

After the show also being announced on TV, ticket sales went through the roof and everyone is getting ready for the first performance of Romeo and Julius. Now they need to have a full house by the time of their final performance in order for Mankai Company to stay open, will they have a chance?

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Source: MAL

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