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A3! Ep. 7 Review Feat Riku and Kagami

After having a successful showing of Romeo and Julius the spring troupe celebrates.

Riku & Kagami: KAMPAI!

And now it is time to scout for more members for the summer troupe!

Riku: More cute boys!!!

We have already met two of the new possible members, Yuki the costume designer for Romeo and Julius, and Tsuzuru's friend Miyoshi Kazunari! But wait...There is more!

Riku: Soft boy, soft boy! There is a SOFT BOY!

Muku Sakisaka! He is so timid, full of self-doubt, and is so freaking precious! He is just so soft and needs to be protected at all costs.

Kagami: Yeah, especially from...Tenma Sumeragi!

Riku: Who is that?

Kagami: He is a mega-famous celebrity, obviously!

Riku: Never heard of him...But...he is kind of cute.

They do their introductions for their auditions and none of them have actual theatre experience, not even Tenma!

Kagami: Thinks he is so big and bad and never set foot on stage, HA

I have to admire the fact that he wanted to get into theatre to expand his repertoire is pretty admirable. Acting in theatre and acting in movies are two totally different dimensions. He joined because he was impressed by the Romeo and Julius performance

After everyone has a successful audition, they have only 3 months before the next performance. Which is nice because the Spring troupe only have 2 months and they had literally no experience! So an extra month, that is not a big deal! High Schools do them in less time!

And now it is time for everyone to be set up in their dorms. Of course, now space is filling up, they have to set up 2 per a room.

Kagami: But of course Tenma...Doesn't want that because he is a special celebrity blah, blah, blah.

However, the room thought to be vacant has some urban legends and is known to have voices! Ahhhh!

Kagami: Masumi, the brave soul opens the door and on the other side of the door he sees...


Kagami: N- No...


The Onigiri Ghost, Misumi Ikaruga! WAit..he is not a ghost at all.

Riku: He is an intruder!

An intruder that is a total freaking NINJA!?!?! Look at those moves! He jumps off the balcony, off walls...

Kagami: He is...SO COOL!!!!

Riku: I think Kagami just fell in love...

Misumi is an interesting piece of work. He had been living in that dorm before the production of Romeo and Julius because he had nowhere else to go. I feel like there is a sad story about that, hidden by his eclectic taste for triangles...I... I mean, they are a nice shape and all, but why?

Kagami: Don't...question him! He is precious!

I think we found a fangirl...

I am super excited for the summer troupe, I am already loving all of the new characters. I am trying to decide between Muki and Misumi...And then there is Miyoshi...Oh my goodness, such precious boys!

Also, the new opening theme gave me chills! It is just like the original, except it includes the new cast as well as the original, and it was so well done! I loved it!

Are you watching A3?! Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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