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A3! Episode 10 Review

Ticket sales are going on for Water Me!

Kagami: Uh-oh They are being critiqued by Yuzo though... I wonder how this is going to go.

Yuzo seemed to be a lot more gentle this time, though they are better than the Spring Troupe, in the beginning, they are still not good enough and need more practice.

But oh my goodness it is costume time!

Riku: Yuki and Muku look so adorable!

The costumes are beautiful. I think that is my favorite part every time the costumes are finally revealed and they are gorgeous.

Kagami: Flyer time...but it seems they have some competition.

At the beginning of the series, we had a little bit of reflection of the other troupe in the area, the God Troupe. They are on the streets promoting their play, Phantom of the Opera.

Kagami: They promote fanservice is what they do!

It is nice to see a little bit of competition, even though yikers, those guys are ruthless.

Kagami: I'm gonna fight them.

Riku: You are going to fight another guy name Haruto?

Kagami: Oh...wait. That might be awkward.

So, the website is designed and it is absolutely amazing! However...

Riku: Tenma doesn't want his face on the website.

Kagami: But it would make everything sell out so quickly!

Heh...Well, it seems that Tenma, his parents, didn't know he was doing the play.

Riku & Kagami: Oooh

Yeahh, Tenma's manager comes in and says that his father has come home and yikes he does not seem happy.

Riku: Tenma turned down a movie role to do this play, I don't think this is going to go well.

Tenma has to hurry out and probably meet his doom. Be safe Tenma...

This episode just had so much. Competition, drama, validation, and the foreboding fear of...the father. Oh, dear. Let's hope that Tenma can still be in the play!!!

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Source: MAL

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