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A3! Episode 11 Review

Tenma left us with a foreboding feeling... Is he going to be allowed to stay in the play or will his father force him to quit? I'm so scared!

Kagami: I know I have been judging him a little bit, but I kind of feel bad for him. Dealing with all that stress as a celebrity and never being able to do what you want and fear of being judged of being free. Poor guy...

Good news though! They had a serious chat, Tenma and his father and told him that this play was a crucial step for his acting career and he can still to part of the play.

Riku: Oh thank goodness!

Kagami: Not without getting a whop on that pretty face first though. Geez, how rude is this father?

We learn something about Tenma that has really made him more of such an open character. He is just so naturally gifted at everything, or so you think. One of the reasons why he said to not put his face on the website was not only because he feared his parents finding out, but also... He feared that if he is not perfect on stage that people would make fun of him.

Riku: Tenma actually had stage experience before, as Peter Pan when he was a kid but...he froze on stage, forgot his lines.

His fear of stage fright caused him to hide that feeling because when you are on stage you only have one shot at getting it right. Getting that out in the open, Tenma agrees to let him be shown on the website to support the troupe and pretty much immediately sell out. However, Tenma is still pretty apprehensive.

Kagami: He needs to work on that fear because he has been blessed with the hyper triangle!!!

Misumi is a treasure... Just where in the world did he get that traffic cone?

Everyone decides to go out with flyers to promote the play again. However, there are some kids from Muku and Yuki's school totally picking on Yuki.

Kagami: Listen you butts! If Yuki wants to wear a dress and be beautiful, he can! Why can't boys wear a dress without it being picked on and being called a girl?! Let me at these jerks!

Yuki with that charm though totally slammed those guys with his influence of the God Troupe gets those kids to agree to see the play. Good job Yuki!

After an influx of ticket sales takes to Tenma's cute face, the group is now getting a ton of interview requests!

Kagami: Isuke is so adorable when he is frazzled.

They have a bunch of cameras and journalists to watch the dress rehearsals. Tenma seems to be spacing out a lot. Could it be his fear peeking out again?

Riku: Poor Tenma. It is one thing of acting and seeing all the cameras and the people behind them, but to be recorded live and not being able to have any cuts and retakes, that is scary.

It is, which is why...Tenma chokes. He is so awkward on stage, forgetting his lines, not being fluid with his words. The poor guy.

Kagami: They all tried to work with him, but it just wasn't enough and Tenma gets super embarrassed.

You know, for as boring as Izumi, the director is, she does come in the best moments to really boost up the spirits. She finds Tenma rehearsing by himself on stage. She tells him her embarrassing moments on stage and the fact that the best performances were the times when she did make a fool of her self since it made the audience laugh. No performance is going to be perfect, but as long as the audience is engaged and laughing, then it is the best performance. That is such good advice.

We have been watching Tenma go through this struggle the entire time, adjusting to being the leader, learning how to critique and not judge every little shortcoming, to give advice and to really bond with the other members. To learn that he has been holding this fear of judgment and wanting to be perfect makes his character super humbling.

Kagami: I'm sorry Tenma that I judged you so much! I love you! I admire your character development!

That we do. All the characters from the Summer Troupe have really developed a ton. I loved the Spring Troupe, but the Summer I feel like the characters all feel a little more real and we got to see them grow.

Well, the next episode is opening night for Water Me! I wonder how it is going to go! Will Tenma get stage fright? Will Muku ever stop being such a precious soft boy? Please...Please don't ever stop Muku, you are so cute!

Are you watching A3! Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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