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A3! Episode 12 Finale! Review feat. Kagami and Riku

SPOILER WARNING: We will be talking about the episode to the fullest extent which will include spoilers, so if you have not watched the episode, well, what are you doing? Go watch it and let's talk!

Oh boy! We are finally here! It is time for the opening night of Water Me! Will Tenma choke or will the performance go smoothly? Let's hope for the best!

Kagami: Everything should be okay! Misumi is letting Tenma borrow his good luck charm! A protractor!

Those are good luck. I carried one with me for many years in my school bags and only used them like...twice in class. But they make good rulers when you need to draw straight! Those margin doodles sometimes get pretty serious.

Riku: Alright, bring it in.

Kagami: What are you doing?

Riku: Well everyone is giving Tenma words of encouragement and huddling, I want to huddle too!

Kagami: What are we going to chant?


Kagami: This is embarrassing... but

Riku & Kagami: STAY SWEET!

The curtains open... It is time. But Tenma...he... He is getting flashbacks! But Yuki is there to calm him down, even for just a moment.

The play goes on and oh my goodness it looks so cute!

Kagami: Misumi makes a perfect genie! Look at him jump around and whoosh! So cool!

Seriously, that scene where the Genie has to take down the serpent to save Aladdin was awesome! Seeing Misumi jump around and flip and, ahh, the animation was so cool.

However, not everything has gone so smoothly as Misumi's hops. Tenma he..he has frozen.

Riku: He forgot his line!

Kagami: Muku! Help!

Muku does! He improvises to help Tenma get back on track and it works!

The opening night was a success!

However, they are not out of the woods yet, or...desert? AHem, anyway! It is closing night and they need a full house (which was pretty easy for them to come by) and have a successful play in order to keep the Mankai Company Theatre open!

Kagami: Not to add on any stress but, um, Tenma's parents are in the audience.

Oh dear, that probably spiked Tenma's stress levels up tenfold, but actually..he was pretty confident. He wants to make sure that him turning down the movie offer was the right choice and to show that this play is a major part of his acting career! You can do it Tenma!

The track team is there to support Muku and those jerk boys that bullied Yuki are there too. Oh man, I can only imagine the nerves!

Kagami: AND EVEN WORSE! Misumi cannot find his lucky protractor.

Guys, just, cancel the show, it is over with, the protector is gone, we can't do this.

Riku: Citron! Beautiful Citron is here to save the day!

Yes! The Spring Troupe offers some moral support and Citron delivers the good luck protractor. Everything is going to be okay!

Kagami: Except..what is Tenma doing?!

Riku: He is adlibbing!

Tenma takes everyone off guard and starts to adlib, but hey all follow his lead and at the end of the show they get their standing ovation.

Tenma's parents leave a note to him that lets him do as he pleases and to come and try and surpass them.

Kagami: Heck yeah he will!

This was such a great seasoning finale. I loved this troupe so much. I feel like there was so much more connection with this troupe, the problems they are dealing with, what they are trying to overcome, and ahh. I love the Spring Troupe, I think they are amazing and precious, but I just feel like we didn't get as deep and personal as we did with Summer.

Now...How are Autumn and Winter's troupes going to fair? Because...I have a hunch we are going to get some pretty interesting actors.

Kagami: *cough* Sakyo *cough*

Izumi did invite Sayko to join the theatre and I WANT THIS SO BADLY!!!!

Riku: Why do you crush on the sadistic, cold guys?

Because they are really soft kittens on the inside and I bet Sakyo is the same way. He is just so pretty even if he is very intimidating.

Ahhhhh what did you think of A3!? I am just so filled with happiness because this show was so fun and there is so much more to come! Let's talk! Who is your favorite actor so far? Who are you excited to see?!?!

Thanks for watching with us!

Stay Sweet!

Source: MAL

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