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A3! Episode 6 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

It's happening, it's...IT'S HAPPENING!

Riku: SHHH Sit down!

Kagami: It is finally happening! The showing of Romeo and Julius!

The deal between the Mankai Company troupe was to make sure they had a full house on closing night to prevent the theatre from being demolished. Let's see if they can gather enough good reviews from the first few nights to save the theatre!

I absolutely loved their Jrendition of Romeo and Juliet. Instead of being forbidden lovers, they are friends wanting to escape the Nobel life and go on a journey and explore the world.

However, it is discovered that Romeo and Julius come from fighting families and this friendship is not allowed. To the point of Mercutio and Tybalt fight! Tsuzuru (I for some reason want to call him Makoto) plays Mercutio and ahhh he was super adorable! He was so good! Mercutio is my favorite character in Romeo and Juliet, and even more of a plus because he is one of the few that actually stay alive.

Kagami: Shouldn't have spoken so soon...seems like tables have turned in this play.

What the heck?! Do both Mercutio and Tybalt die?! Wait, then it is said that they didn't die...I am confusion.

Riku: Shh! Citron is on the screen!

Citron did so well with delivering his lights. He spoke so clearly.

Riku: I love him! Go Citron!

And with the sword fight executed so well between Romeo and Julius, they are able to fake their deaths and they are able to lead their lives together away from their feuding families and be free.

I would so love to see this play in real life. That was amazing! I was hooked the entire time!

Kagami: And they did it! the final night was completely sold out! And Sakyou is there for the final showing.

Riku: Oh no, something is wrong with Itaru...

Itaru has been dealing with a hurt ankle this entire time, but told no one! His ankle is finally starting to give out, but it is the final show.

Kagami: The show must go on!

Itaru steps wrong and the pain goes through his ankle, and right before the curtains drop to cover what just happened Sakuya ad-libs and saves the day! He keeps the show going and finished the scene working with Itaru's injury. Go Sakuya, you precious cinnamon roll!

In the end, they get a standing ovation. That was amazing.

But it is not over yet... They still need to have summer, autumn, and winter shows to keep the theatre running and the shows have to be successful. Although the theatre can stay open, they need to get more members and a new troupe for the rest of the shows. I wonder how the new actors will fare?

Are you watching A3!? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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