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A3! Episode 8 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

With everyone now in the Summer Troupe it is time to start rehearsals!

But before that, we learned that Muku and Yuki are classmates, but Yuki does not want to be seen walking with Muku because of the possibility of them getting teased.

Riku: Don't hurt my poor Muku like that! He is just so soft!

However, they made a good team when doing an Etude, it is an acting exercise where you ad-lib improv! You make up a story off the top of your head and your partner has to follow along without any guidance. It was actually one of my favorite exercises in theatre class! We went on train robberies, alien invasions, and grocery shopping, you know...normal situations.

Kagami: Misumi is a natural at acting! He is as good at Tenma!

Now it is time to decide the leader of the summer troupe and they all volunteer but it is decided that since Tenma has the most experience of the group that he should naturally be the leader and he has to help the troupe grow. As much as he wants to be a leader because of his great talent, he doesn't want to bother teaching the troupe.

They then have to decide what the troupe wants to do for summer. It was known that the original summer troupe did comedy so they kind of want to repeat that, however, comedy is ridiculously hard to do because it is a lot easier to make people cry than it is for them to laugh. Boy do I know that...

Kagami: Stop destroying our lives...


To get an idea of what play they should do, they need to decide on a lead, but unlike the Spring Troupe, everyone wants to be a lead in the summer troupe. Tsuzuru being the writing genius that he is, has an idea that makes everyone into a lead!

I love this! They are doing Arabian Nights but it is called The Thousand and One Nights. I am SUPER curious about how this is going to work out!!! I love Arabian Nights, it is so pretty and I am really excited to see the costumes that Yuki makes! Ahh!!!!

Now...that we get further into learning about the characters we learn..Muku's...BACKSTORY!!!

Muku was originally an all-star track athlete but was gravely injured and had to quit which is super disappointing. He wanted to be a hero, he wanted to be just like the protagonist of a manga that he read and worked so hard. Now he wants to be a great actor so he can still be a hero.

Riku: You go Muku! You fragile cutie pie!

After their first reading of the new play, Tenma gets fed up with everyone's inexperiences so Izumi tells him that since he is the leader he needs to figure out how to help everyone improve. This is when one leader to another meet. Sakuya, from the Spring Troupe and the leader tells everything that happened with their troupe and how in the end after getting to know each other better that they were able to communicate and work better together.

Then for a moment Tenma compliments Sakuya for his great performance...So....Precious.

Tenma goes to Izumi telling him that he has an idea of how the troupe will bond better.

Riku: Another sleepover!

Just like the Spring Troupe, he wants to gather the Summer actors and have them sleep together to bond.

Kagami: But you know, he is TOTALLY Tenma's idea. He didn't get that idea from Sakuya, nope.

I wonder how that sleepover is going to go. Probably not as smoothly as Tenma is hoping for.

Are you watching A3?! Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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