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A3! Episode 9 Review

This was a very, VERY sweet episode!

Tenma comes with the idea...

Kagami: With the help of Sakuya, but we are not talking about that, of course.

Right, to have everyone spend the night together. With the Spring Troupe, they spent the night on the stage and that helped to bond. This time the Summer Troupe went out of town to hopefully bond.

Riku: Such bonding! So cute!

While rehearsing Tenma is actually helping. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but he is doing amazing! He helps Yuki with his lines and tells him to put in more emotions. With Muku he compliments him for putting in so much research and actually reading Arabian Nights to get a better idea of the story and the characters.

Riku: This is so much progress for Tenma as the leader!

Kagami: He is struggling though because he does finally implodes.

It is time for them to cook dinner together and everything is going well until Miyoshi gets a bit too much for Tenma and Tenma just explodes and tells him that all he has are superficial friendships. Poor Miyoshi, I love him so much.

Tenma feels pretty guilty about it and learns to continue to point out their shortcomings but also compliment their achievements. He admits that he was too rough on everyone and tries to say sorry but says it in the Tenma way, you know, cannot actually say the word sorry, but at least he meant it!

Riku: See! He is trying!

Kagami: He is, I guess. Now let's see them scare the heck out of him!

Next comes the part which is the most adorable moment! They have fireworks and do bottle rockets and tell Tenma that they are going to explode a shatter, ahh!!!

Kagami: Yeah get him!

But no, it was just a good time being safe with fireworks and it was adorable. Tenma apologizes to Miyoshi and they all celebrate their growth and friendship!

This was such a sweet episode, it was a good growth episode. I feel like we are really working through Tenma and his struggles, I feel like there is still a bit more we don't know about him.

Are you watching A3! Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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