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A3! - First Impressions

When it was first announced that A3! Was getting an anime I was super excited because I did play the game for a little bit. I kind of wish I kept playing it just to get that sense of the show more. At last, for the moment, another otome has kept my interest.

Kagami: Yeah and she has been so obsessed with it that she hardly pays attention to us!

Hush Kagami, I see you over there flirting with your demon boyfriends.

Haruto: He- Her what?!

Itachi: What did I hear about boyfriends?!

Guys calm down, it is just a game called Obey Me. You play as a human exchange student in a place called Devildom and you try to make a pact with the 7 demon brothers you live with.

Itachi: Are they- are they hot?

Kagami: Yeah 😍

Haruto: 😟

Anyway, I just needed to get out my obsession with that game, it is just so good!

Kagami: Who is your favorite character?!

Heh, Lucifer.

Kagami: Typical, always goes after the sadists.

You hush little miss, and who is your favorite?

Kagami: I can't decide between Belphegor or Leviathan!

Sleepy or nerdy, I understand your problem.

Itachi *while on his phone*: This Mammon guy is pretty cool.

What have I done...

Haruto: Maybe we should get back to watching this new show?

You are right, Haruto. Let's do that.

So, this is a theatre anime, the premise being a girl has been sent to the Mankai company, a theatre troupe that her father used to run 8 years ago. The troupe is on the brink of being demolished because of an overwhelming debt and no audience to watch the plays being performed or many actors to actually put on any plays.

You know, the I was a bit of a theatre nerd in high school. More like I helped build props and one time had a block of wood hit me at full speed from a drill at only 5-6 feet away. That was a good time. When it comes to things like theatre I get very excited even though I was never much of an actor.

Something that I enjoy about when shows or movies implement theatre, singing, or acting in some way is that it really gets people interested in it. There were always people enjoying musicals and then when musicals such as Hamilton and Dear Evan Hasen came out it opens a whole new world for people and brought more interest in musicals. Stage plays, however, might be a bit more difficult, but seeing as every anime out there it seems is getting a play or musical it might hype up the interest again.

Riku: Woah, Kagami. That guy is so totally your type!

Kagami; Masumi? Yeah, he is pretty cute, right?

Haruto: What is going on?!

Riku, when did you get here?

Riku: Kagami mentioned cute boys and here I am.

Oh geez, yeah I am pretty excited about Masumi he is totally that edgy character that I love. Also, the fangirl group? Sounds familiar doesn't, Haruto?

Haruto: Don't get me mixed up with Zhen, that guy has a bigger fan club than a public school classroom.

It kind of helps when the entire classroom is in love with him...

Riku: No one better touch my Zhenie!

Kagami: I don't know, I think Isuke, that weird manager guy is kind of cute!

Riku: That's because he reminds you of Haruto.

Kagami: You think so?

Haruto: I don't get it... Isn't he like 30?!

Riku: He is nerdy, kind of a weak in the personality, glasses.

Haruto: Weak personality?!

Kagami: I guess you are right.

Haruto: Kagami!

Kagami: Not on the weak personality, just the nerdy and kind of a mess.

Haruto: I don't think that makes me feel any better.

Kagami *hugs onto Haruto*: I'm sorry Haruto! But you are an adorable mess.

Haruto: Ahh, Kagami! Do you think you should be doing that while Itachi is here?!

-Itachi is currently distracted by hot demon boys-

I think my favorite moment from the first episode was when the characters Sakuma and Tsuzuru were saying the speech from As You Like It by Shakespeare together. That just made me so happy. I adore Shakespeare, but I have never actually watch/read As You Like It and now I am actually really interested in it. That is what I am saying is that these kinds of shows bring out different things to pique people's interests that they may not have thought of before!

Also, while we are talking about Tsuzuru, I LOVE the fact that he wants to be a playwright, oh that tickles me. When I was in theatre, of course, I did some acting exercising, I helped with the props, but I mostly wanted to write scripts. Sadly, my teachers did not really care about that. So I am thrilled to see what Tsuzuru does because that was something I so wanted to do. Instead of being a playwright in high school, I somehow got caught up with y'all.

Riku: And you love us.

That I do, that I do, my children.

So I am guessing that in this show they have to basically put on a full cast production in a month and get a full house on closing night. I don't know why they make it seems like it was such a hard thing to do. Have you ever heard of high school plays? Most productions at my school were done in a month or sometimes a month and a half, but still, it wasn't that long.

One year we were supposed to do My Fair Lady, for some reason, we could not do it anymore and the teacher decided Crimes of The Heart. The principle, being the sports-loving, imbecile that he was said it was "too adult" for high schoolers. I remember everyone stressing out what they were going to do and I think the theatre kids ended up doing a play called Kindergarten and that was prepared in like two weeks I think, I don't know, I wasn't in theatre when all that happened. But seriously, a month is not that all dramatic. I mean, I guess since you are dealing with people that don't know how to act very well and you also don't have a full cast production, then yeah it can be difficult but it sure is not impossible.

This show seems super cute and I am sure I am going to enjoy it into the very end. I heard there a two-week hiatus or something, so I can watch the next 2 episodes and then suffer like everyone else who has gone without it for so long. I know I am going to enjoy it. It has the kind of humor I like, they are quoting Shakespeare, there is a mean guy with glasses who might have already won over my heart, so I am totally here for it.

What about you, have you been watching A3! If so, what are you thinking about it so far? Which character to do you like the most?

If there are any other anime recommendations that you would like to share with me, just comment them down below!

Stay safe and Stay Sweet! 🍫🍓


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