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It is National Paper Airplane day! I don't really know why it is a holiday, but it sure is a lot of fun!

I always had a habit of folding airplanes in very weird ways and most of the time they flew forwards! They may have not gone far but they had flight for a few seconds.

One time I was in class and we were all folding paper airplanes and we were going to have a contest to see which airplane would go the furthest. So here I am just folding away, making this bizarre looking airplane while everyone else as folding the normal airplane or getting really elaborate with the paper.

We go outside and set them flying. Most only make it so far, maybe 10 feet takes to sliding. Another made it like 50 feet I think, that was crazy.

It was my turn to throw my plane and I send it off but it actually swoops backward and the teacher caught it.

We first thought it was just the wind and then we continued to throw it and every time it would fly backwards. I don't know what I did but this plane was magical (Or maybe witchcraft muhaha)

It was fun to relive that moment a little bit!

I hope you have a great week!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet 🍫🍓

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