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An 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?! / Ep. 1 Review

Alright, you ready to get Isekai'ed? Because we are joining Shingo Ichinomiya, a businessman who just wanted to make a good meal and go to bed, but instead wakes up in 5-year old, Wendelin's body.

Kagami: I don't get it. How does this happen to people? Why do they just go off into another world? What happens to their body in the real world? Do they keep living? Are they in some coma? What happens?!

Oh yeah, we are joined with Kagami.

Riku: It is a shame, Shingo was so cute too.

And Riku.

Kagami: Yeah he was, but he gets a totally cool cloak later! AND HE JUST BLOWS UP THE LAND.

So loud...

Kagami: Also...

Oh boy.

Kagami: Why is it that when anyone goes into another world, they are just immediately cool with it. Shingo as Wendelin is just like, "Hey my family is rich! Okay, I am fine with being a 5-year-old again in a world I don't even know."

Are you just going to complain about the logic of Isekai's? Why are you even watching the show?!

Kagami: Because I like to be confused and I like the pretty fantasy dresses.

Riku: You are always confused and I like the dresses too.

Kagami: AND NOW!


Kagami: Why does every fantasy story have an Elise?!

(Elise is one of the 10 siblings that Wendelin has)

I... I don't know...

Shingo, now Wendelin wakes up and he is in the middle of a wedding reception of his eldest brother.

Riku: The poor boy just wanted his pork rib...

He then learns from another brother that his family are actually nobles and accepts the fact that he is in this world now and is going to ride the easy life as the 3rd son of the heir in a Nobel family.

Kagami: Except for the fact that he actually has 10 siblings, 7 older brothers and Wendelin is actually the youngest of all of them.

Riku: And his family is poor. The fancy wedding was just to show off, but really they are living in a hovel.

Wendelin explores the home and discovers a crystal ball-

Kagami: Alright, my boy is going to start scrying!

Actually, he is learning how to use the mana in his body to produce magic.

Kagami: That's not how crystal balls work!

Riku: Or maybe you are just not using them right and you could actually be a magician.

Kagami: I- Wait a minute...

Kagami, wait! We are not done reviewing- and she is gone.

Riku: She made sure to trip on the stairs before she left though.

Anyway, so ya boy is in the forest and he meets up with-

Riku: A beautiful being Alfred Reinford, he is so pretty!!!

Who then tells Wendelin he is a magician just like himself.

Kagami: (from upstairs) It hasn't glowed yet!

Riku: So what did you think of the show?

I think it is cute, it is another isekai and if you like that genre then I suppose that it is a good time for you I do have some concerns about the CGI that was in that opening theme. That was... hmm, questionable. I understand why some productions use CGI and a lot can get away with it, others though, it just feels out of place. So hopefully it is not done a lot in the anime because I feel like that would just kind of kill that feeling of magic and fantasy.

Other than that, I think it is adorable and I am excited to see the growth of Wendelin and see how he becomes that cool cloak wearing man that literally blows up mountains.

Kagami: Guys! Guys! Look, the crystal ball is glowing! I'm a magician!


Kagami: What?


Riku: You have a flashlight, you cheater!

Are you watching The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? Tell us what you think!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: Anime News Network

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