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An 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?! / Ep 2. Review feat. Riku & Kagami

Can I just say I already forgot that this was an Isekai? I wonder how much Wendelin is going to mention his previous life, Shingo or if that is never going to be mentioned again?

Riku: Shhh! Alfred is on the screen, he is so pretty!

Kagami: The dude just evaporated a bear!

Alfred and Wendelin pick up right where we left off of running from giant animal and Alfred telling Wen that he is a magician. Alfred says that he wants to put his magic with Wendelin to make Wen even stronger! That is so cool!

Kagami: So...I figured out how to tell how much mana I have.


Kagami: Riku, give me your hands.

Riku: Okay.

Kagami: Circulating mana, circulating mana, circulating mana. Do you feel anything?

Riku: I just feel your sweaty palms! I rather hold hands with Alfred!

Are you sure about that? I heard they might be kind of cold...

Riku: What do you mean?

Eh, nevermind. AHEM so! Wendelin learns he has a lot of mana within him which is cool and all but apparently, being a strong magician would probably cause a dispute in his family which would really make his brothers mad if Wendeline being the 8th son would actually boost him up in the succession to the next lord in his family. Instead of being a lord, Wendeline is more interested in being an Adventurer!

We learn about these zombie creatures called Whispering Dead...I wonder where they got that idea from? I wonder if they are going to be a prominent creature in this series because they kind of sound terrifying and what they do is devastating. Basically, once a person is infected and becoming a whispering dead, it actually takes a few years for one to go through a full transformation, err well, they die and are a living corpus. In that time they will slowly go crazy and eventually, the full transformation causes them to kill.

This episode, oof, it is only the 2nd episode and I am already feeling emotionally invested. I feel like we needed more time as Wendeline as a child because he is learning magic so fast! Like, suddenly the boy can fly and have healing powers?

Kagami: He made it look so easy! I should try flying!

Kagami, don't!

And she is off...

Riku: And there was a thud...

I think she failed to fly.

Kagami: Ow, ow, ow.

Riku: Did you do it?

Kagami: I hit my head.

I do feel like it is good to have a time skip to see Wendelin as an Adventure. I hope there is a bit more of that just so we can see progress rather than just him being a natural at anything he does. I want Wendelin to have some kind of challenge! I want to see him get pressured and broken and then rise up to the top! This is why you don't start a DnD campaign at level 20! You need to have that struggle so then you can finally teleport and blow up mountains.

It is still a cute show, I am excited for more characters to pop up which I am sure we will be seeing soon.

Are you watching An 8th Son? Tell me about it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: Anime News Network

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