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Anime Reviews ARE BACK!

Hi, hello, oh hey, it is me. It's been a while. How ya been? How's the wife? How's the kids? How's the dog? (Puddin asked that)

Yeah! It's been a bit, don't really know what happened. Just...stuff. Been busy! Really that is the main source. Just been busy. I'm still busy, but why not cram another thing into my schedule, because I like to do too many things and then complain I never have enough time for anything.

But there is always time for ANIME

Remember the old reactions/reviews we did a couple of years ago? Well, everyone has been talking and mentioning how much they missed doing that! We got together, watched anime, looked at hot girls ITACHI get off my post or you are not invited to the viewing parties.


So we are bringing it back!

I already know a couple of shows I am personally excited for. Overlord Season 4 and The Devil Is A Part Timer season 2, ready to be mentally scarred by Made In Abyss, OOH and Tokyo Mew Mew new!!! I know the girls are extremely excited about that!

What are you looking forward to this summer season of anime?

So yeah! That will be a lot of fun and I hope you join us with each new posting!

It's good to be back!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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