Anime Spring Season 2020

Oh man, it is finally time. It is April which means that Spring has finally started! (Because March 19 [wait was Spring in the 19th this year...I think so...] had nothing to do with Spring. March didn't even exist okay, we are ignoring it).

But yes! Spring's Anime season is finally here and you know, I am pretty excited about it.

I honestly do not know what my most anticipated animes are for this season because I haven't looked them up really. I put them all in a calendar so I can keep up and talk about them with everyone, but I have no idea what I am going in for.

I know Fruits Basket's season 2 is coming out on April 6th. Which I should be excited for, but I still haven't finished season 1. I watched the original series ages ago and it was honestly one of my favorite animes when I was a teenager. (Hatsuharu was my favorite by the way). I don't know what I didn't watch the remake, I always meant to, but I forgot. But I a