Anime Spring Season 2020

Oh man, it is finally time. It is April which means that Spring has finally started! (Because March 19 [wait was Spring in the 19th this year...I think so...] had nothing to do with Spring. March didn't even exist okay, we are ignoring it).

But yes! Spring's Anime season is finally here and you know, I am pretty excited about it.

I honestly do not know what my most anticipated animes are for this season because I haven't looked them up really. I put them all in a calendar so I can keep up and talk about them with everyone, but I have no idea what I am going in for.

I know Fruits Basket's season 2 is coming out on April 6th. Which I should be excited for, but I still haven't finished season 1. I watched the original series ages ago and it was honestly one of my favorite animes when I was a teenager. (Hatsuharu was my favorite by the way). I don't know what I didn't watch the remake, I always meant to, but I forgot. But I am getting to it now and I am on episode 7, so I am making progress! And I am falling in love with this show all over again. I remembered why I loved it so much. Honestly, you can kind of see my way of writing and how it is influenced by shows like Fruits Basket. I didn't realize until watching it again.

Now let's see, I know people are talking about Kami no Tou: Tower of God, I don't really know anything about it except for the fact that if you climb a certain tower you can become god or something. Which is pretty cool, not going to lie, the first episode did come out today I believe, so I am totally down for watching it.

Gleiphnir, now that looks interesting. It is not going to be age-appropriate for some people, but we got supernatural, we got a dude that turns into a dog, I'm gonna watch it. We will probably leave Puddin out for watching this though... Even though it is a dog, it seems a little intense.

Listeners looks really cool actually. I feel like that is something both Yuuki and Kagami can enjoy together. It is about a world where the word "music" does not exist. What a cruel world that would be. Yuuki has quite a surprise when it comes to her Yuuki interest range, and you probably only thought she was a "classical" kind of girl. Hmph.

OH MY GOODNESS I know what anime I am super excited about, I feel like Itachi can join in with me for this excited it is Tamayomi, The Baseball Girls! I remember this being talked about last year and I got super excited. I have this weird love for sports anime, even though I don't really care about sports itself. I just find them super entertaining and motivating. So that is for sure something we are going to be talking about.

Well, there are a couple of names there for what I am pretty interested in. There are many, but those are the names I could actually remember or I saw scrolling through the list.

Now my question is, what is your most anticipated anime to watch for Spring 2020? Is it something new or perhaps it is the next season of something? Tell me! I would love to know!

Well, that is all from me, this blog will hopefully be more active through the Spring season because I want to talk about anime and stuff with you.

OH! Also, follow our twitter @chocoichigogc because I want to also be live-tweeting some shows with everything here! Yeah!

Have a good day everyone and happy Spring!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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