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Appare-Ranman / Ep. 1 Review

Vroom! Vroom! Here we go! We are in the 19th Century and at the beginning of the expedition for the Trans-American Wild Race! Racers will start in the great Los Angeles and will travel across the country, surviving bandits, disasters, and other challenges and see who will make it out alive and reach New York!

We start off with Appare Sorano, a brilliant but not socially inept engineer and a wise but weak-kneed samurai, Kosame Isshiki inside a boat looking car not exactly ready to start the race. They are fixing, fixing, fixing the car and even after the Go they are not ready! But soon they speed off and there they go on their journey.

The story then brings us back to a year ago where Kosame is teaching in a dojo and Appare escapes jail. Kosame takes charge to plea with Appare, but Appare just doesn't care. He does what he wants! Which includes going home and simply going on a journey on his steamboat that he thinks will be the first fastest and smallest steamboat ever!

When escaping, Kosame unintentionally tags along and they sail off into the ocean where soon the boat doesn't seem to make it to the destination as planned. This does not seem to bother Appare, he moves along in stride and everything just ends up working out for him.

Appare-Ranman, is going to be a fun ride I believe (pun slightly intended). I love the Mad Max-esque of the creation of vehicles. Even though some of the vehicles are totally normal looking for that time. The character design is interesting. I do not exactly understand Appare's design, the hair is weird but it makes sense since if he doesn't care about his well-being and only his inventions who cares about hair! His personality is not something I completely connect to yet. He is like a more awkward Senku from Dr. Stone. I actually really like Senku, even though he is really smart and everything works out for him and he is not completely socially inept. Yeah, he misses some social cues, but Appare totally misses the mark. Which is a fine character personality, just hope we can find a bit more of connection. I really like Kosame, he is sensible, responsible, but really is that character who has his whole life planned but somehow gets tangled up with chaos which I love.

I am excited to see how the Trans-America Wild Race is going to turn out. I want to see all the challenges this team will have to endure. This is going to be a fun time!

Are you watching Appare-Ranman? Tell me about it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!


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