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Arte / Ep. 1 Review Feat. Riku & Kagami

Imagine a time where you would be pushed out, swatted at, and laughed at just because you wanted to be an artist. Then imagine being rejected as an artist just because you are a girl.

Kagami: Oh, so you mean like right now?

Ah, erm, well... You got me there.

Riku: We are talking about Arte! An anime about a female aspiring artist living in the renaissance era!

Yes, Arte starts off with a beautiful noble girl, Arte drawing a bird outside her window. She sees in the courtyard the maids and her mother burning all the artwork she has done. Considering it "unladylike." Saying it is okay for art to be a hobby, but to not be consumed by it. (Boy, have I personally heard that phrase one too many time). And that she would never find a husband if she keeps following the path of being an artist.

Kagami: So, this lady BURNS her art and considers it unladylike? I'll show her what ladylike it! I would like to punch that lady in the face!

Calm down, Kagami. This is in renaissance times. Things were a bit different then.

Riku: But just like now with many artists whose dreams are being crushed by the weight of judgment and conformity-

That was deep, Riku...

Riku: Arte wants to strive and find a workshop where she can be an apprentice to become an even better artist.

She is kicked out, laughed at, literally shoved into the streets by these men who would not even listen to her or look at her work just because she is a girl.

Kagami: She cuts off her hair to make herself look like a boy in front of everyone! That takes some guts!

A man who is also an artist, Leo, takes her in and gives her a task which I honestly thought was so unique. To Tempera wood panels, it is using eggs yolks and a water-soluble paint and it is basically making a canvas which I honestly didn't know that was a thing, so we learned something today. Through that process, Leo realizes that even though they have lived two different pasts, Leo living in poverty and Arte living an aristocratic life, they actually had the same dream and the same path.

Honestly, this is going to be a good show, I just have that feeling. Maybe it is because I can relate to Arte so much. Having people actually laugh in my face, roll their eyes, share their doubts about me wanting to be an artist/writer. How do you think this anime was created? Those books you read. The music you listen to. Advertisements, your car seat covers, the paintings in hotel rooms. They were all made by an artist, they had a dream and they stuck to it. Art creates the world and if you work hard enough it will happen. That is such a good message that this anime will give to people, especially girls who also want to be artists.


Are you watching Arte? Tell me about it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: MyAnimeList

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