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Arte / Ep 2. Review

Kagami: GIRL POWER! We are strong! We are resilient! Girls can do anything!!!

Riku: They also fall down the stairs! Like you...

Kagami: But to my own volition! Because I'm a girl!

Arte is finally getting her dream to be an apprentice under an artist to learn more about the craft. It is not an easy path for her, she had to work on those 20 panels and now she has to build her own shack where she lives in.

While in the market she is laughed and stared at for doing so much manual labor as a girl. She pushes a cart full of her supplies to build her home and slips. With this kindness of his heart, Angelo Parker, a fellow artist comes to help her.

Riku: He is so charming and helpful!

Kagami: A little too helpful though! Again another person saying she can't do certain things because she is a GiRl. So dumb!

But, Arte proves everyone wrong and-

Kagami: GETS A HEAD PAT OF APPROVAL! The most significant move of validation!

Arte's next mission is to sketch a sculpture in another workshop, but again is declined because-

Kagami & Riku: She is a girl!

Arte's mission is to take 10 sacks of clay and move them by herself when normally 2 men struggle with it. That is no easy task.

Kagami: All these men make me so mad! I don't get it! What does being a girl have to do with anything!? We can do anything men can do and sometimes even better!

Riku: And whenever a man does something nice for women people think they are being weak. Angelo was used to helping his family and we cannot blame him for being so helpful towards Arte, because that is just what he was used to, women acting helplessly because that is all they were allowed to know. There is nothing wrong with helpful, but depending on someone is really unfair.

Kagami: Fight like a girl and be strong and independent!

But don't forget to ask for help if you really do need it! I feel like there will be a point in this show where Arte will overwork herself, trying to prove to everyone that just because she is a girl that doesn't mean she can't do anything. She might really hurt herself if she doesn't ask for help at least once. Humility is a good thing to have, even when you are trying to prove the world wrong.

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Source: MAL

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