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Arte / Ep. 3 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

Are you ready for...development?

Riku and Kagami: YES!

Arte has already grown so much from the first episode and she only has more room to grow.

There is a festival happening in Florence called the Carnival where they dress up in costumes and mingle in the town and the marketplace and celebrate!

Riku: Can't relate right now...

Leo tells her that they are going out and has her of course dress like a boy so they could attend a dissection of a human.

Riku: Ew!

Kagami: So cool!

It was a rare chance to be able to observe human dissections be it for science, medical training, or artists just how Arte was doing it to use the body and organs as references. This was not a common occurrence because human dissections were actually banned by the church, however, they were allowed during the Carnival.

Kagami: They are chased out because Arte was exposed of being a girl and they need to run away because they and everyone there during the observation could get in big trouble by the church for a female to being there.

Riku: I think someone is developing a little crush...ooooh

Me too...

Kagami: Stop crushing on cold, mysterious old men!

At least he is not sadistic!

Kagami: Are you sure? He did have Arte sand those 20 panels, create her own home, and now he has her working on the background of an important painting and rejects most of her work.

I couldn't call that...Okay, I wouldn't call that most of that sadistic, he is trying to get her to prove to herself what she is working for. He is actually letting her have her first job even after being there for a few months where other people take years to get to that point.

This is such a beautiful show. It is really educational as well. I am learning so much more about art than I ever did in my art classes. I was honestly so intrigued by the dissection part, I knew observations were a thing but to go even more in-depth (I feel like that could be a pun) is so interesting.

Are you watching Arte? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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