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Arte / Ep. 4 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

Love, it sure does know how to mess everything up, am I right?

Kagami: Tell me about it.

Riku: But it is such a beautiful thing! Falling for someone, admiring everything they do, feeling warm when they touch you...

Kagami: Riku!

Riku: Heart is racing, loss of thought...

Kagami: RIKU!

Riku: Wh- What were we talking about it?

Kagami: This is exactly what Arte was dealing with! She couldn't get any of her work done because of this odd feeling she had when she was near Leo!

Arte has had a fuzzy mind since running away from the gaggle of men during the Carnival and Leo was protecting her. Her heart hurts, she screams whenever Leo touches her, and she gets lost in thought and she has no idea.

Arte gets her first job to paint a portrait for the Courtesan, Victoria, the woman Leo was speaking to at the marketplace during the Carnival. She is very wealthy and is a common customer for Leo and wants Arte to do her portrait this time.

Riku: What's a courtesan?

Kagami: Oh dear.

It's um...It's a woman who courts men...kind of.

Kagami: She entertains them in...ways.

Riku: That sounds like a fun job!

Kagami: Oh Riku...

Arte is more and more distracted and Victoria explains to Arte that she is in love! Arte never being in love before she had no idea what those odd feelings were happening for. It is just so sweet, but Victoria tells Arte that love can distract you from your work. If you want to have a dream and be able to be a woman who provides by herself and lives by her own power, Love is not something she should be thinking of.

Riku: That's a little harsh.

Kagami: Arte stays focused on her work, but with the cost of hiding her feelings.

I had such mixed emotions about this episode. All the other episodes I have been like, YES, WOMEN POWER! Because that is great! Women should be allowed to provide for themselves and live by their own power. Now it is mixing love in the situation and that can be a difficult situation. Someone should be able to work at their own power, but also love if they are ready!

Kagami: Arte is probably not ready for love yet since this is her first time falling for someone. She should have that independence first and focus on her work before things get messy. Especially since the person she is falling for is her master! She still has to learn from him first.

That is true. There are some people who are able to love and work at the same time, but some just need to focus on one of the other and that is their choice.

Riku: It's just not fair. Love is cruel.

Kagami: Weren't you just talking about how love is beautiful?

Riku: It is! But it is also painful! It's like grabbing a rose without checking for thorns first. It's so pretty, but it is stabbing you at the same time.

Kagami: That was very poetic, Riku...Wow.

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Source: MAL

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