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Arte / Ep. 5 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

Riku: Hey, did you know that paints and other pigments were actually sold by apothecaries in the 16th century because they had the plants and bugs for their medicines to make it?

Kagami: Those poor bugs...But they do make pretty colors.

So we are back, doing some more art stuff. But this time, Arte has a big of a challenge ahead of her.

A long time "customer" of Leo, Mr. Ubertino, comes to place an outrageous order as he is known for.

Kagami: Mr. Ubertino and Leo have some kind of bond and they seem like they hate each other!

The order seemed just because it was enough to buy the supplies and paints but really...with all the work put into it, there wouldn't be much money to live off of.

Riku: Typical artist abuse. Even back then artists were not paid enough for the work they do. So unfair.

However, Arte wants to try and see if she can negotiate with Mr. Ubertino to see if he would be willing to pay more. She fails the first time of course. because a man who is only interested in the painting for their values and no understanding the passion of art is not going to be moved by this plea.

Kagami: We get to see Veronica, the courtesan and she trains Arte to be more confident and use her status as a Nobel to get Mr. Ubertino to agree to her negotiation.

Riku: Still don't know what a courtesan is...

Kagami: Oh Riku.

He agrees and we learn that really, he doesn't care about the art. It is to please the other people, show off, and sell the art to other people for a better price. That is what a merchant does!

But guys...we get more of a backstory of Leo.

Kagami: Of course you would be happy about this.

He is a mysterious man with facial hair, how could I not be intrigued by this backstory? We learn that Leo was once a beggar, this was mentioned before. However, we also learn that Leo was one in Arte's position that he was rejected by workshop after workshop until his master finally agreed. His master as a cold, strict man who did not see anyone as lesser or better. He only wanted the work done right, which is why Leo has that harsh exterior.

Though I think Leo is softening up a little bit. He may be oblivious to everything, but maybe soon Arte will get a genuine smile from him. And then all our hearts will melt.

I think the consensus of this episode is. KNOW YOUR WORTH! Do not sell for exposure, do not sell yourself short, if you know you are putting in hard work into something and the person you are selling to does not understand that, make them understand. Know that they will not get the quality they want if they pay you so little. So to all my creator friends out there, KNOW YOUR WORTH! Know that you are amazing and deserve to be paid appropriately!

Are you watching Arte? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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