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Arte / Ep. 6 Review feat. Riku and Kagami

Kagami: Hey, Riku, guess what?

Riku: What?

Kagami: Angelo is back.

Riku: REALLY?!?!?!

Not for the greatest reason though. An art master had unexpectedly passed away and everyone is gathered for the funeral. It was great to see Arte and Angelo bond again and Angelo treating Arte more as an equal than just a girl.

Riku: He has grown so much.

Apparently not everyone has. Even though some people from another art workshop are excited to see Arte, there are still some salty people judging the fact that Arte is a girl and how dare she be attending a funeral for another artist. She just doesn't belong there!

Kagami: I'm gonna take that soccer ball and punt it right in his face!

Calm down. Things are looking up for Arte as she goes through this journey of being an established artist. There is a guild of artists who agree to work together and gather all their apprentices to work on a fresco painting.

Riku: Fresco paintings come from the word Fresh! They are paintings done on walls and ceilings and the paint goes on freshly laid or wet lime plaster.

Kagami: They are big pretty murals.

Though, of course, since the majority are men and Arte is joining them, Arte is going to be pressured extra hard LIKE ALWAYS! Arte has to prove herself because with a master gone, more students will be displaced and Leo would have to (fire? Is that the word I am looking for?) Arte to make room for other students. Because...of course...get rid of the girl who is actually doing amazing work just because she has an extra X chromosome, makes sense.

Kagami: But Arte totally beats those boys butts! She is doing more work than any man could ever do!

Riku; Yeah! And she gets praise from another guild leader!

Arte is safe and actually gets some validation from the other apprentices which is so nice to see. Arte is growing so much and goodness is that girl strong.

Not only do I think this is such amazing show to inspired people out there that no matter where you come from, what your gender is, whatever you are, you can work hard, BUT it also shows that my goodness so much work goes into painting! Carrying heavy things, refining everything, the strict workshops. Geez, painting is hardcore. But it is why we have such amazing art to admire and still admire forevermore!

Are you watching Arte? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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