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Arte Ep. 7 Review feat Riku and Kagami

Arte has grown so much since joining Leo's workshop! To being considered a rebellious woman to having the guild leaders accept Arte and making friends from other workshops. She is amazing!

Riku: So amazing that Yuri Failer from a Nobel family wants Arte to work for him in Venice to paint a portrait of his family and to also be a tutor to his nice.

Oof, that came along fast. Arte hasn't even better Leo's apprentice for a year and now she is getting an offer to go to another city? That is intense! However, Yuri says something a bit...alarming saying that he wants to hire her because she is, "a woman and from a Nobel family." Hmmm, what could this mean?

When discussing this with Leo, Leo tells her that this offer was not luck. No offer is considered luck when you are good at what you do and work hard to being that good. He said he supported Arte with whatever she decided.

Kagami: But Arte refuses Yuri! Yeah! Take that pretty rich boy!

Now, now, she only refused him because she said that she had much to learn and practice.

An old friend of Leo's come to town, heavily pregnant, who happened to be the only daughter of Leo's master, Ruthanna. She had come to Florance to get the money from her husband's family after her husband die and needs the money her family paid for the dowry when Ruthanna was married. Though her husband's family is not doing so well and refuses to help her.

Kagami: They are rotten with how they refuse her... Geez, why were people so terrible?

Riku: Why are people still so terrible?

There has to be some good people and that is where Arte comes in. She makes a deal with Yuri that he can hire her and she will work in Venice if he agrees to help Ruthanna. the most honorable thing I have seen in a long time.

Yuri and Arte make a deal for Arte to work in Venice for at least 6 months to paint and to tutor his niece. He says he not only picked Arte because of her craft but that his niece will like her because his niece likes anything he likes and he likes Arte. Oooh, oh my. What does Yuri have in mind?

So Arte will be on her way to Venice, but with the promise with Leo that she isn't going there as an independent artist, but as a member of Leo's workshop. So sweet!

I am a little skeptical of this Yuri character. It is pretty obvious that he wants Arte, but not for just her art and does he LIKE her, or does he like her status as a Nobel. I'm nervous. I mean...he is pretty and he cares for his niece which is really nice, but I hope he understands that he cannot for Arte to do anything she doesn't want to do. I mean...she refused him at first and only came back because she wanted to help someone else. She is amazing and Yuri you don't hurt her! Ya, hear me!

Are you watching ARte? Tell us about it!

Source: MAL

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