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Yes! It is finally Autumn!

Who could hate Autumn? Cool weather, leaves are changing, mother hecking Halloween is just around the corner.

It is just a good time!

So many festivities are happening and I have no idea what the girls want to do! They are going nuts about this season and so am I!

There is just something about Autumn that just makes me feel so much more relaxed, even though my creative juices are overflowing and I want to work on 50 billion things at once because if I do not draw a pumpkin daily I will go insane!

How is Autumn for you? Are you crazy obsessed about the season or are you sad to see Summer go? Or Perhaps you are just over both and want Winter to happen.

Well, I hope you have a lovely season and have a good day! Riku is wanting to bake some pumpkin seeds! See you later <3

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