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Burnout, Beach, Bandages Week of March 5th

Let's see what we can get done this week! I am hoping I am able to get a viewer's request done, webcomics, other drawings, you know...the usual! Sunday: This weekend was really relaxing. After the stressful week I had last week, I for sure needed. I did get a lot of sketching done, almost all of March for sketching is done. I had already planned out all the webcomics for this month, so...HA I am great! We posted this webcomic feauting Miss Suki! I feel like Miss Suki needs more love, so I wanted to make a more relatable comic. talking kinda about burnout. It is funny, I made the script of this comic WEEKS ago and yet the comic was coming out the exact time I actually needed it. I was feeling a bit burnt out and needed a break, and there we go. I love how that worked out!

Monday: Yey! Streaming time again! I always feel like I have been gone forever when I do not stream over the weekend. Yes I surely did need the break, but I also miss streaming because it is just so much fun! We finished the webcomic for this Sunday, I feel so good about that! It took 2 streams to do, and ahh so happy about that! The last part of the stream we were just talking about art and stuff, that was a lot of fun. I love streaming! um, I may have had a really bad headache on Wednesday and also wasn't doing mentally forgot to do something about Tuesday. Um...HERE IS THE TIKTOK THO least there is that.

Wednesday: but yeah, as I was saying, not great mentally, it happens, especially when you are working a lot and like just...heck, I don't even know. I just wanted to sleep today, which...basically when not streaming is what I did. I needed a sleep day and that is okay! Thursday: Finally a decent day of the week! We posted a hecking tiktok oh yeah, this one was so cute! love love love! Seems like a lot of other people are liking it as well! and also streaming, oh man, it was really good! We were working on a viewer's request and I was so happy with how it turns out!

Friday: Wooh! We posted this lovely drawing! and oh my goodness! Everyone was loving it! Even my grandma was saying that I was talented. Honestly, it is still just so baffeling when people compliment on my work. Like, I have been doing this for almost 5 years, but people are just so kind, so sweet, oh my goodness, it is amazing. I love doing this, even if I don't get compliments, but...getting compliments are pretty good too!

Saturday: This week's Twitch related content is of our lovely lovely viewer and my friend RayaSakunai! They requested for me to draw their character, but also to have them hang out with one of my characters and I JUST LOVED THAT! Ahh! combinding worlds, I had never done something like that before! And I love love how this turned out. It is their character Autumn, I saw the bandages and I was like...of course the character I need to choose is Kagami! Kagami always has bandages on her! And there is even a secret little heart on them. Oh my goodness, I loved how this turned out. So so cute!

But yes, end of another week, we had some good times, we struggled a little bit, but all in all, the art I did this week turned out amazing, I had fun doing it, and that is all that matters! I hope y'all come around for next stream! We are so close to 160!!! Ahh!! Let's gooooo! I hope y'all are doing well! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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