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Choco Ichigo Update

Same post from Facebook so if you have already read it there, then we good, but if you haven't yet, well here we go!

Alright, well, this is happening.

As you may have noticed, there was no post yesterday! After a long time of stressful schedule arranging just not working out how I want it to, I have finally made a decision that I knew was inevitable.

I am going to be cutting down on the webcomic posting.

The webcomic itself was really just for practice anyway and then it kind of became a habit. It is something I really loved doing and I am so happy I started it, but the time has come to finally cut down on it. It is not ending, I could never stop the silly little antics that happen between the girls and the others.

The webcomic was practice for something WAY bigger and that is a Choco Ichigo graphic novel series. That has been my plan all this time and I think it is finally time to start it.

At the beginning of the year, I really wanted to start the graphic novel and have like 5 chapters down by the anniversary of the webcomic, but that just didn't happen. Now it is almost December and the concept of Choco Ichigo is almost 11 years old and I still haven't started the graphic novel and that has been bothering me so much. Each time a new month starts I realize I suffer from mild depression because just another month went by and I still haven't started. There were a few reasons behind that, one being my confidence. I like many other creators deal with the stupid thing of imposter syndrome, wishing my work could look like someone else's and thinking that it will never get better. After the Halloween series, I really started to get that confidence boost because I noticed my growth as an artist. The other problem was just not having enough time in a week to do everything. Between work and also working on the webcomic, I never had time to start the graphic novel or do any of the random doodles that I kept wanting to do.

So yeah, it is a bittersweet thing. Though, with this decision, honestly, you will probably be getting more content from me. Since I am not bound to a schedule at the moment, I am wanting to post more drawings kind of like the Kagami post from last week. Those drawings do not take that long and they are honestly so fun to do.

Of course, there are still going to be webcomics because I love doing them, they are just not going to come out weekly.

Today I am actually starting the graphic novel. I'm working on the script and using what I learned from the webcomic with structure, dialogue, whatever else into this and I am honestly so excited. I am nervous as heck, but I am very very excited.

So yeah, webcomics are not done just more of an occasional situation, there will be more doodles here and there, so be on the lookout for that and also the best thing of all! Updates of the graphic novel! Join me in all my mental breakdowns, crying about how much I love my characters and maybe even some sneak peeks.

This is a journey that I have been wanting going on for a very long time, it is finally time to stop the prep for packing and head out the door. I just hope I don't forget my hairbrush...or toothbrush... or an extra pair of socks. You always forget something when you go on an adventure, but I'm sure whoever has ever supported Choco Ichigo will help me out along the way like you already have been.

Well anyway, thank you very much, be on the lookout for whatever I post next and most importantly

Stay safe! And stay sweet 🍫🍓

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