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Cooking, Chibis, and Chhhhaaha he is hot - Week of Feb. 26th

Sunday: HAPPY PISTACHIO DAY!! IF you didn't know, well February 26th is Pistachio day!! But don't can celebrate belated, because like..PIstachios are good any time a day! I would know, my Pistachio is so loveable at all hour..I mean...he is an alpaca...named Pistachio... yey! anyway! Today we posted a new webcomic! Kagami and Carter are really trying to teach Yuuki how to cook...You can do it guys...maybe...ehh I dunno. Yuuki is so intelligent, but cooking is just one of those things that is not up her sleeve...oof Well, at least she is going to keep trying! Keep it cool, Carter!

Monday: If anything is an example of anything but a disaster that actually turned into something good, it was this Monday. was national strawberry day, very important. We were working on chibis of my characters which was so so SO much fun. They are so cute, so cute in fact that my computer just could not handle the cuteness. So my computer froze and I had to end stream early... yeah, that is totally what happened. Ahem, no, so, I have been having this problem for a while now, I use Streamlabs to stream and it eats a lot of your CPU (that is important stuff to have for your computer to actually process stuff) and occsionally my computer would just freeze and I would have to just Hard restart my computer. It was so annoying last night, that I just didn't go back online, I had an hour left for stream, but I was just so mad that I didn't go back on. Because when these freezes happen, Clip Studio paint has a habit of just corrupting whatever I was working on...annnnnd it did and I was upset. So, I just took a break and then...I was like, what if I when on a different streaming thingie. Streamlabs isn't the only thing out there. So I was like...okay, let's try out OBS, the handy dandy OBS, and oh my goodness, it is like night and day the difference it makes on my computer. It is lovely and I am so happy I made the change! I am sure my computer will be happy now too.

Tuesday: Such a better day than Monday that is for sure! We posted a short, and kinda blew up on Youtube Shorts, it did okay on Tiktok, haven't really check on Reels...we...we don't look at the insights on those, but yeah! So I am now streaming on Youtube!! So if you don't use twitch, Youtube is so an option to go watch my streams! I still need to fix a few things, but ahh so exciting!

Wednesday: Oh boy...if today wasn't a doozy, I don't know what is. Well, first off, we posted my CHIBIS!!! Look at the babies, LOOK AT THEM! aHHHHHH Okay...sorry, I just...I love them, I love them, I love them. anyway So, first stream of the night, little stressful, had everything set up, but like nothing was working right. Finally everything cooled down and I figured out what I need to do. I just need to switch what days I stream on youtube and what days I stream on facebook, that is what I am going to do. As for the late night stream...I um...I may have committed a murder. I may have....spilled the tea...on my mouse. So I had to use my trackpad from my mouse to zoom and do all the things. My hand hurts a bit from all that, but hey! I got a drawing done AND I got an entire webcomic page doing great out here!

Thursday: When your body is telling you it needs a break...take it. Or else everything that is a minor inconveniance will feel like a MAJOR inconvenience. I slept in, I like totally ignored my alarm, I don't even know how I did it...but I was sleepy! We posted a timelaspe of Aidan. Yey! As for streaming, first did die, I have no idea what happened, but oh well. It let me be able to take like a 2 hour nap though. It has been a stressful week, so having a time for rest helped a lot. Which really helped out for the last stream of the week! It was fun! We met new friends! And we finished the webcomic. Yey!!!

Friday: Ahh yes, end of the week once again! We posted a drawing of Shun...yes...yes... I um, I just wanted everyone here to know that we are married, or like we are going to get married. He is gay, but like...he is also biromantic, so like there is a chance. Yeah he is fictional, yeah I created him and this is all parasocial, but...I'm in love with him. LET ME BE HAPPY!

Saturday: I posted another Viewer Requested item. Now...with this, it has some backstory. The viewer just...never gave the words, so I had to create the words, so I got the word Wire, where as my mother came up with the words Starlight and Vroom and thus came out with a drawing with characters you haven't actually met yet! This is Uta and Harmony! They are Itachi and Kagami's parents. Now this is back when they were young, way before the kids were born. I thought it was so fun to draw them, they came out so so perfect, how I always imagined them. Because I haven't actually ever drawn them before! Ahh! I love them. I love the landscape, I had never drawn that kind of landscape before, AND I have never done a motorcycle before! and I think all of it turned out so well! Ahh! I love it!

Anyway, that was an interesting week. It was productive at least. It may have been stressful, but hey! at least we made it through and that is what matters! Be sure to follow my twitch!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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