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Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater / ep. 1 Review feat. Haruto

Fishing anime, fishing anime, fishing anime!!!!

Haruto: Wow, you must be really excited for this show.

It is fishing and anime! What could be more brilliant!?

Haruto: So, you enjoy fishing?

Well, I haven't actually done any fishing in a long time, but fishing is one of my favorite things to do in video games. It is just so peaceful, the unknowing what you are going to get, sometimes the struggle when it is a stronger fish, and finally getting to show it off like YEAH I caught this squirmy thing of pixels.

Haruto: I can imagine that it is very tranquil, just like crafting which is what our main character Hina Tsurugi is actually a fan of and I am quite fond of myself.

Hina Tsurugi just moved out from the city to a town by the sea where she spent her childhood occasionally. She is eager for her first year of high school and wants to have a simple life enjoying her years in the Handicrafts Club!

Instead, the day before starts she sees a girl on the docks and is introduced to fishing. Hina suffers from a fear of bugs or basically anything smelly, squirmy, and strange which the ocean is full of. She is attacked by her first-ever catch, an octopus and the only way Natsumi Hodaka will save her is if she joins her club. A club that does not have many members and actually has an odd reputation. Hina agrees but immediately regrets it because this club all they do is fish, it is not the crafts club she was looking forward to.

Haruto: As Hina is about to reject the erm... invitation to the club, Natsumi asks Hina just to go fishing with them one time and she accepts.

This anime is just so precious. Fishing is one of those things where people do not get it until you actually do it and then you realize how fun it can be, just like Hina. The art is adorable and just looking at the boats, it is so cool. The fish are actually done so well too. I wonder just how many different kinds of fish they are going to show and how colorful they are going to get. I think this show is not for everyone because obviously, fishing is not for everyone. It is unique though and perhaps will motivate people to enjoy the outdoors for a little bit and do some fishing and understand how relaxing it is.

Are you watching Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater? Tell me about it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: Anime News Network

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