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Diary Of Our Days At the Breakwater / Ep. 2 Review feat. Haruto

Haruto: Are you okay? Why are you sad?

This show is going to be delayed after next week's episode. I just want to go fishing!😥

Haruto: Hey, it's okay. We get one more episode and then maybe we can go fishing in a video game to make up for no episodes until the show comes back on. Would that be okay?

Thanks, Haruto, no wonder Kagami thinks you are so cute.

Haruto: What?

NOTHING! Alright, let's talk about this episode!

Haruto: Hina, after a long day at the breakwater, comes home surprising her mother with all the little fish she caught.

Good job, Hina! Of course, her mother asks where she got the fish and Hina tells her mother that she joined the Breakwater club.

Haruto: Her mother is a little surprised, but she is accepting. We love a supporting mother.

Her father is supportive as well. Though, he does mention that the Breakwater club has been around since the beginning of school and that it was always full of weirdos.

Haruto: Not the best thing to say to your daughter, but there is nothing wrong with being a weirdo.

Yeah, you hang out with the girls, you are well acquainted with weirdos.

Haruto: Hina then has to go through her school's physical fitness tests and well-

She fails pretty much everything. Being an indoorsy kid can do that to you and I can totally relate. Do they still those tests where you listen to this lady telling you about the tests and it beeps when you are doing endurance tests? I hated those. Especially the pull-ups...

Haruto: Are you okay?

Sorry, I was just dealing with repressed childhood nightmares. Hina and Nasumi make it to the club room where Yuki is sleeping the day away after dealing with the physical tests as well. She gets the girls to untangle fishing rod reels. I didn't realize that reels could get so tangled! I think that is a unique thing for a show to do though. It is showing all of these little tidbits an activity has to go through, it is just casting a rod and you get fish. There are other things you have to do too and if someone didn't know that, well they get to appreciate it and learn something!

Haruto: Hina enjoys untangling the reels though and it does seem like a fun activity. Whenever I see something, I need to untangle it.

I need you to take care of my yarn collection...

Finally, Hina learns how to cast a rod! I really didn't know how technical it was to cast a fishing rod. I kind of just watched people do it and somehow the line just went out there.

Haruto: The hook never got caught on anything?

I never said that... It may have got caught on my hair before, maybe even the back of my arm...and this is why you always check behind you when you cast! Because it got caught on my step brother's clothes before...Whoops.

Haruto: I am really enjoying this series, it makes me want to learn more about fishing. The technicalities and everything.

Me too! I only know about easy lake fishing, so learning about fishing in the ocean is a totally different area. I wonder if they will ever go into a boat and do deep-sea fishing!

Haruto: I feel like Hina might have a little bit of a problem with that.

Yeah, you are probably right, it would be cool though!

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