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Diary Of Our Days At the Breakwater / Ep. 3 Review feat. Haruto

Hey, Haruto. What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Haruto: I have no clue.

A fsh!

That joke is only funny the first 20 times you hear it. Ahem, anyway, so here we are again, going fishing, have a good time, and aiming to catch a flathead!

Hina decided to do her research of the flathead fish fearing that it was going to be a big mean-looking fish like the frilled shark, those things look so weird. Frilled sharks always look like they just told a really good joke and waiting for people to laugh. However, flathead fish, they are also weird but not as menacing.

Haruto: If you didn't know, a flathead fish is called a flathead because its head resembles the flat head of a shovel! They also stay close to the sand and feed off small fish being a smaller to medium size fish itself getting up to be 60cm (23in)

So that is the goal for the Breakwater club, they pack up everything on a pull cart all the Sea King and head off to the ocean! This is where Hina learns about soft lures. If you have never been fishing and use soft lures, they are to mimic worms or chum and it can be a little more convincing to the fish since it is shaped like a fish. They also have such a weird smell. I remember looking at the packet of them when I was little and they are so gummy and soft, but that smell is something you do not forget. They smell like oil and something else that I cannot quite place.

Haruto: Hina learns how to do a clinch knot which is regularly used for fishing line and hooks, It really reminds me of how you thread a needle just with a few extra steps or how to do a 5th crochet stitch, I have never done one that long but it is similar to a double or triple stitch.

I like in this show that they even get to the uncomfortable part of filleting up the fish which is not easy to do. I have had to gut a fish before and doing it the first few times is not easy. Especially when the mouth still moves a little bit after you-

Haruto: Oh dear...

So yeah! Sadly, Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater has been delayed until further notice, but we will for sure pick back up where we left off when it is back on air.

Are you watching Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater? Tell us about it! It is a perfect time to catch up!

Source: AnimeNewNetwork

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