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Engage Kiss Ep. 1 Reaction feat. Itachi

Alright, here we are. First anime reaction back after 2 years! Let's do this! Warning: This is a reaction and not a review, there will be spoilers! So, I have no idea what this show is about, I typically go into shows blind, I just find it more fun that way. But like, for some reason, this guy wanted to watch it

Itachi: Sup don't have to act so cool, Itachi. They know who you are.

Itachi: And they totally know I am awesome. Sigh, I mean sure. But like, okay, let's just get into watching the episode! So we start out with a girl coming from the store with a massive leek. Do leeks even get that big?!!? Itachi: I don't know, but it kind of reminds me of that like one dance thing. Are you even old enough to know what that is? Anyway, so she is having to cook with the power off? That is not fun.

There is a restaurant meeting with this guy, Shu, oh he is cute! Itachi: Is he only cute because his name is almost Shun? No! That isn't it! Itachi: You and my sister share the same brain. I're wrong. So like, okay, this is a business meeting, he has no money, so...he doesn't work, but he does work for this lady? I'm confused. But I like her earrings! So then Shu goes home to that apartment with no power. Itachi: It makes sense why it has no power now, he doesn't have any money! Oh, and that girl prepared food for him, but he just ate at the restaurant. Oh no... OH NO, She is so upset. You better eat that food Shu! Itachi: I kinda did that with Kagami before. The power was out for a couple of days, but I ate at work after Kagami spent all this time preparing dinner. Did you eat it?!?! Itachi: Some of it may have ended up on my face....but I did eat it. Good boy. So, now what I am getting at is Shu, who has no money...he is part of this kind of organization thing that hunts down demons and that's how he gets paid. Itachi: Yeah, but he is getting ripped off. He doesn't get that much of the cut. So lame. I wouldn't trust you with that much money either. Itachi: HEY! Alright...first demon fight, Shu, seem to know what you are doing, but like... not really. The girl from earlier is coming to save his butt. Of course, it is always the girls that come to save the boy from mortal peril. Itachi: I have nothing to say to that. Kirasa, I think that is her name, doesn't seem to do well at this fight either, she needs to power-up. How? What? Ritual? Wait a minute...

Itachi: grinning What was this show called again? Engage...Kiss. IT BETTER BE JUST KISSING Child shield your eyes! Itachi: Hey! I wanna watch! Her design looks so cool though... I guess it was worth powering up. Okay, so I really like this battle though, the girls are totally fighting each other, but each hit is against one of the demons in the building. I think that is super creative. Itachi: I just like that two hot girls are fighting. You have one brain cell and it seems to be taking the day off. Okay, so my reaction to this is, oh man I am absolutely going to enjoy this. The demons look pretty cool, it is a comedy so I love that, action, comedy, always good pairings. Plus the characters are super adorable! I am looking forward to watching this more! What do you think, Itachi? Itachi: More...please. You will have to wait until next time. But that was so much fun! I hope everyone has fun reading out our reaction to Engage Kiss! Until next time! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! Photo found at:

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