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First Boyfriend

Kagami already has a boyfriend? How does Haruto feel about this?!

Oh man, things are heating up. Kind of like my laptop cooler last night that almost set on fire. Except, this is sweeter and that just smelled like burning plastic... ick. Seriously, a light on that cooler turned orange and it started smoking! That was terrifying.

On the bright side of this week, I got The Sims 4 University! So...instead of doing important things in my life, I want to be playing that. Yeah... No, no, I got to focus, that is for my break time and to prevent mental breakdowns!

But yeah, for this week's comic, I wanted to really see how I would draw kids and apparently they look like the characters just with bigger heads. Which I mean makes sense, kind of, sort of, I don't know. I almost set things on fire last night. I don't know what I am talking about. Just enjoy the comic and don't get engulfed in flames, please.

Stay Sweet

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