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First Year Anniversary!

Am I the only one that gets the E and A in Anniversary mixed up? Probably.

Anyway, OH MY GOOD GOLLY GOSH Choco Ichigo as of tomorrow will the a year old. I seriously cannot believe this.

The website went live on June 3rd of 2018 which was such a big thing for me. I remember pressing the publish button and it officially going live. I am pretty sure I cried. Then I spent that week working on the first installation introducing Riku Tsuki. I remember it took me that entire week to draw that comic. I used to be so slow at drawing. I am still pretty slow, but now i can crack out a comic in like a day, so I am improved a lot.

I have honestly learned so SO much when it comes to drawing. I used to be such a mess and now well...I am still very messy when it comes to drawing but I picked up a few things off the floor. It is a You may trip on some shoes, but at least the clothing is in the hamper kind of mess.

Choco Ichigo is something that has always been something I have fully believed in and even though there have been many set backs, I know it is going to be something that I will forever be proud of.

I am normally not a person that keeps up with things, my attention span is short, any time I feel overwhelmed I just give up, I never finish anything! But look at me here, I have done 46 weeks of posts. I mean it isn't the full 52 weeks, we had some mental health days and there was that one week when I had to get a new cord for my drawing tablet...Yee BUT we still had like 88% of posting which is a high B and you know what, I am pretty happy with a high B.

The journey continues, there is still so much more to do. Tomorrow something pretty exciting is check back for that, I mean it isn't big but I am pretty proud of it.

Seriously though, for the people that do come back onto my page, whether this is your first time, you check back every few weeks, or are a repeated visitor, you mean the world to me. Choco Ichigo has always been something that was very close to my heart and it will forever stay that way and Choco Ichigo is only going to grow and the people who have supported me get to say they have seen it from the beginning and I think that is pretty cool.

Oh my gosh I am getting emotional.

Thank you so so much for a year of support.

Stay safe and Stay sweet 🍫🍓

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