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Getting Ready!

Oh my gosh, everyone is getting ready for homecoming! I am so excited for them!

Seriously, everyone is looking so cute and actually, at one point I may have had a breakdown because of it. It was a really rough week for me. Thankfully all that drama is over but it was not a fun time. Sometimes when one person will not support you, you just have to support yourself. I want the best for my girls and boys and if someone doesn't want to join that journey, well they sure are missing out because we are having a lot of fun over here!

Seriously though, thank you to everyone who does support me. Whether you are a first-time reader, you come back every once in a while, or actually come back every week to see the shenanigans these guys are getting up to, thank you so so much! We still have a long way to go with this dress, but with all your support it will be possible. So thank you <3

Remember to stay safe and stay sweet or spooky, your choice this week. 🍫🍓

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