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Getting There

We are finally at homecoming! Everyone is looking great and ready to dance! Including, hey wait...a mysterious figure is on campus! Is it another student? We have to go find Kagami to make sure she is okay!

Oh hey, how are we doing? Finally I had a week that was semi drama free. Something almost happened, but I said, "NOPE! You ain't ruining this week!" I had such a productive week, it felt so nice to feel so motivated again and I did not want to ruin it with such nonsense.

Can we talk about Kirena's outfit though? She is so pretty, I know she is being a little hasty, but she fits that snake look, I'll tell you that!

Well anyway, time to get started on next week's comic, something spooky is going to go down and I am eager to get to it.

Until next time! Stay safe and Stay spooky!

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