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Happy Easter!

This has been a WEEK

After healing from a concert to other weirdness in my life the week took like 7 years to get through. I had no energy to work on anything which is irritating for me because I love working on anything that is Choco Ichigo!

I'll hopefully be a lot better next week!

Either way, even though I was feeling so blah I wanted to do something for Easter. I had no creative thought for a Easter comic so you get a picture. For some reason I thought that was going to be easier than a comic. Okay, brain, you are weird. It was a lot of fun to do though, I love seeing all my characters together!

I also realized how many freaking characters I have and there are only more and more to be introduced! Ahh!

Well anyway, I don't celebrate Easter but I hope you are having fun whatever you are doing today or at least relaxing a bit! You deserve it!

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet! 🍫🍓

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