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Happy New Year!

Happy almost new year everyone!

I wasn't able to make a comic last week, I was so buried in yarn that it was impossible to reach for anything.

But hey! That is what holidays are all about. Working your fingers to the bone to make your family and friends happy!

But yes, this is the last post of 2018 and I just have to say I am so happy.

New Years is always a special time for me. Just like anyone else, but even more so. December 31st, 2008 and January 1st, 2009 I started Choco Ichigo and had no idea that I was been so passionate about it for so long. I knew I wanted to make it come to life and the only way to finally make that happen is to just do it.

Have years and years of putting it off, I finally said you are going to do this. And I started making my first drafts of the girls. I started with Yuuki, every time I want to try something new I start with Yuuki. I just feel like she has this kind of beauty to her that relaxes me and if I know she looks good I can do the other girls. I dabbled with her design for a while and let me tell you the first few designs were dreadful. Then it was coming to December of last year going into this year where the actual designs came to me. And one after the other I was able to draw my girls the way I wanted to.

Then I purchased my domain name, Choco Ichigo was finally mine and I knew I had to get serious. I started making the background and buttons for the website, group photos and introductions. After weeks of wanting to give up because depression is a pain in the butt, I started working on Riku's Introduction. The First post on the website.

Almost 7 months later we are here celebrating my 10th year of Choco Ichigo in my life and the Unbirthday of the webcomic and I'm so happy that I finally did it. Over 1k page views, 22 comics, and a whole lot of love and I am so happy.

I know I have so much work to do, a lot more practice, and a lot more love to put into my work, but I am so ready.

I am so ready for 2019, I have so much planned and I hope you join me in my adventure and see where the girls go.

Happy New Year from Riku, Kagami, Puddin and Yuuki, and me!

Be safe, be responsible and stay sweet <3

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