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Her First Kiss

Homecoming may be over, but high school drama just never stops.

Teenagers really do scare me. Hi, My Chemical Romance, thank you for blessing us with your presence.

Seriously, can we talk about that for a second? A reunion of them, thank you, thank you, Choco Ichigo can now finally be in full inspiration. When writing Choco Ichigo for the first time, the trio of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and My Chemical Romance were playing on repeat through those drafts. Listening to them while going through the first chapter is going to be a lot of fun and bring back some really great memories.

Oh, what was that? Working on the first chapter? Oh yes, we are getting very close to starting the actual graphic novel of Choco Ichigo and I am so excited. I want to do a little more practice before going all in, but it is happening very very soon. I'm nervous...I got those really weird warm chills happening. You know when you start blushing but it kind of feels cold but your skin is hot? Yeah, that is what is happening.

Oh my goodness, there is just so much to do. I need to start planning and organized... How many times have I said that already? Too many times. Will I finally get organized? Hopefully at some point. I need more whiteboards...My entire life needs to be written with dry-erase markers.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and thank you for stopping by!

And remember to stay safe and...OH my gosh, Stay sweet!

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