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I Have A Question

So, I have been planning to reveal this for a while. I just never knew the right time to do it.

Finally, after I saw a family member posting some very transphobic "memes" I knew it was time.

When I was creating Aidan, I knew I wanted something different with them. They started as a simple male, then a bisexual male because he would date another character that has not been introduced yet, but I also thought a cute love triangle with Yuuki would be interesting. Then, Aidan became non-binary and would dress however they would like, dresses some days, boy uniform, all that. I still love that idea and maybe I will have a non-binary character later on, but with Aidan I just didn't get that feeling.

One day I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a friend some out as trans and that is when I realized that Aidan, they needed to tie in that inclusive need that I have been wanting.

I love the idea that there are more transgender characters in the media and I knew that dealing with high school kids, what could be more perfect?

I had a little trouble trying to approach this idea, trying not to get anything wrong. Then I remembered, what coming out story is perfect? They are never simple as, "Hi world, I'm a man! I have always been a man! Surprise!" Some people need that little explanation and I thought Puddin would be that great placeholder for an explanation.

I hope this explains a bit more and why this is coming out of nowhere. It has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time even before I introduced Aidan to the story and now I finally did it.

Just know that I see you, everyone at Choco Ichigo sees you and we support you. ♥

Stay Safe and Stay Sweet

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