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I Ship It!

Ships are funny, it is wanting two people to find happiness with each other.

Or maybe just wanting them to kiss which we all need characters to have some cute smooches!

But isn't it interesting to think about if teachers ever really tried to set up their students to help them build better relationships? Like, actual relationships because we all know only the cool teachers let us sit by our friends.

Teachers just noticed one student talking to another student and they just adored them that much that they just wanted to play match maker?

I hope teachers go into the lounge and talk about their student ships to other teachers. That would be adorable and would probably make their jobs a lot more interesting...Oooh, I wonder if teachers ever tried to set two opposing students in a project just to see the drama unfold. HEY WAIT! That is what happened to me!

Rude! Instead of finding the love of my life in school, I just found sadness and endless nights of trying to complete projects because no one would work with me on the project and now I have trust issues in group projects....Dang it teachers!

Well anyway, I have had a bit of a morning so I am going to venture into the video game world and maybe share a slice of pie with Puddin. I'll see you next week <3

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