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It was a busy week! Week of April 3rd

Sunday: It was weird not posting on a Sunday, I mean...I have skipped Sunday's before, but like knowing that I had posted something, but like...didn't post it on a Sunday, it was wild. It was a good chance to be able to rest though. After getting vaccinated, I really just needed to wind down. But now it is time for a very very exciting week! Monday: OH WOW! There was just so much to do today!! It was an amazing Monday though! We celebrated Miriam's birthday on stream and oh my goodness, everyone who participated in the Miriam's Birthday Art Challenge, thank you so so so SO MUCH that was just so wild. Just look at all the amazing art that was given for Miriam!! Ahh!!

Tuesday: Wow,, we are doing so well on both Kick and Twitch. We gained 6 followers on Kick in just a day and then 3 people on Twitch. It's like people like us or something...maybe...maybe. I dunno, I like you though, so that is something. ALSO here is the video version of the webcomic, yeah!

Wednesday: So...pretty much the rest of the week will be spent working on the Easter webcomic. It is gonna be 7 pages...oh dear, oh golly, oh is fine, we will be fine...I might cry, but it is fine! Also, here is the post from this day! Yey!

Thursday: Did I mention that I had um...7 pages to work on, well we made it to page 4 for the outline...oh boy we are going to have to do a's okay, it yeah. Also..umm....HI We posted an animation, a short little thing and it um...IT HAS OVER 1K VIEWS ON INSTAGRAM! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS!!! It also has gotten decent views on everything else, but ahhhhhhhhhhh

Friday: I had posted all of the color fan art that was made for Miriam's birthday. So so so lovely and so exciting that it has happened! I love my community so much!!! Saturday: I have been spending my weekend trying to work on the webcomic for is going to get is gonna get done...I swear...ahem anyway, here is a Viewer's Request drawing. Someone requested for me to draw Lucifer from Obey Me! and since they requested it for ME, I was allowed to draw my MC yes and I thought it was relevant for Easter, hop hop!

Thank you so much for the amazing support this week! It was such a good week. Now look forward to a very exciting announcement for next week! Ahhhh!!! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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