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Week of Jan 29th - Productivity!!!

Remember when I said that I was going to be doing weekly blogs...oops, welp, here we go! Let's try this again! Sunday we posted a one page comic kinda showing the interesting friendship between Kingston and Shun! Kingston has known Shun since Shun was around 16 years old, Kingston was around 22/23 years old I think. So..Kingston knows all the juicy details about Shun's life, but I don't think Kagami's innocent ears are quite ready for that.

Monday: I missed the first stream of the week because I had a doctor's appointment... that was a whole ordeal, and then I just wanted to nap. Sometimes ya girl just needs a nap! It was a good nap. BUT that midnight stream, IT WAS SUCH A GOOD STREAM! Oh my goodness, seriously, if you guys don't follow me on Twitch, you are truely missing out, we have such a fun time on Twitch!!! We gained another 2 followers, so we are currently at 139, if I can make it to 145 before March that would be sick! But we had so much fun, we have therapy time, crying time, ranting time, oh man, we all just really bonded all while I was drawing. This is just my favorite thing! I love Streaming so much!

Tuesday: Such a better day than Monday! Althought the stream the night before was such a good time, both streams on Tuesday were so so great! We finished a 2 page webcomic which is amazing. We posted a tiktok and yeah! We had like 11 viewers at one point on twitch, the chat was popping off, it was just so so SO FUN Also...we might have come up with an idea of perhaps doing an art challenge very soon for a particular old lady....hmmmm I'M EXCITED!!

Wednesday: Another good good day! We posted such a pretty drawing of Kingston and Zhen, I think this is just such a wholesome moment, I love them so much! Stream...okay, you might think I am a little nuts, I might be, I just... I FINISHED 2 DRAWINGS in one day. So the first stream I started out with a drawing and didn't get to the coloring, it happens. But then the next stream I was doing a Viewer requested drawing (you can redeem a drawing if you use your channel points, so like...come watch!) and I finished that, it is hecking cute! But it was like 4 in the morning, I typically end at 6am, and I was like...I can work on a little bit of that other drawing I started. At little bit before 6 I was like, yeah I'll just finish this and we can pick back up tomorrow. And then...I just kept going...and going..and then it was nearly 7am and I finished the drawing. Heh...hehe....WHOOPS! At least I was productive!

Thursday: We posted another tiktok of our lovely Kagami in the cemetary! I still love this drawing very much and it is always fun to see a timelaspe Now when it comes to streaming...well, let's just say it is the end of the week wonkiness haha we got a little wild, I might have been singing like preschool songs because...why not! All it all we did a lot of work this week, coming in at 4 pages for the webcomic and 3 COLOR drawings, oh man what a productive week!

Friday: The end of the work week! We had such a great week full of fun streams and great artwork! We posted an adorable drawing of Riku and Kagami, I love it, it is so cute! It has been fun going back and doing color, I love it! I think I am getting better at coloring too! Yey!

So thank you very much, if you want to check out my twitch, please do! We have so much fun! I will see you next week for our next weekly roundup of everything we get done! There is going to be an art challenge starting on Monday, on the look out for that!

Anyway! Thank y'all for stopping by! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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