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Kakushigoto / Ep. 1 Review

I wasn't going to make a blog post about this anime because it does have some "adult humor" in it, but you know what, heck it. Just know this anime does have some interesting humor but it isn't that bad, but viewer's discretion is advised.

Kagami: You always wanted to say that didn't you...

Maybe. Wha- Get out of here! You are still a kid!

Kagami: I am 14! can stay.

So, Kakushigoto is a light-hearted anime where a father is a popular manga artist of some "questionable" series and he doesn't want his young daughter to know. He makes it seem like he is a typical businessman by leaving the house in a suit and totally does a "Clark Kent" but instead of a superhero costume, he is in very casual wear.

This show is just so adorable. It is one of those shows that I feel like you will watch one time it will stick to you forever.

The show starts off with Kakushi's daughter Hime when she is 18 and is finally allowed to see the secret her father has been keeping all this time. It then flashes back to when Hime is a child and Kakushi wanting to keep his secret away from Hime and is doing all he can.

It does a bunch of references from other shows, it talks about One Piece and references Attack On Titan when Kakushi wants to create a popular "dark fantasy" because Hime made a wish for Kakushi to be important one day. Kakushi thinks if he makes a popular manga then he can make Hime's wish come true.

Kagami: That is so cute! Kakushi tells Hime to never go up this hill because of the monsters Fancypeeps, which is really just rich people but her friends and she go up there. They then try to follow Kakushi, not knowing it is him into a coffee shop and the kids think it is a witch's pub.

That was adorable!

I am honestly very happy to be watching this show and to talk about it with everyone because it is so light-hearted and it really needs some acknowledgment. It is just what we need right now. Some adorable father-daughter moments and humor. So cute.

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me what you think about it!

Stay Sweet!

Source: MyAnimeList

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