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Kakushigoto / Ep 2. Review

I needed a good laugh after that episode of An 8th Son and I am happy that Kakushigoto was there because it was hilarious.

It starts with Kakushi and his team frantically making Gyoza to have an "escape." An Escape is something a lot of artists, writers, really anyone who has a deadline do to procrastinate. I have been guilty of this. Suddenly the bathroom needs to be cleaned or I need a 48-hour nonstop session of Stardew Valley...You know, normal things! And then I get all my work done in more of a rush than I would that if I didn't procrastinate!

Hime reminds her dad that her class is taking a field trip to the beach. Of course, being the protective father he is, Kakushi decides his team needs a company trip to the ocean after just finishing their work in a rush! But really he is going to the beach to spy on Hime.

After the trip Hime and Kakushi go to a festival where apparently there are a lot of bootlegged merchandise of Kakushi's manga creations and buys up everything! Doing this causes a police investigation suspecting they are some anti-social cult!

The police look around the place and discover some really odd items like woman's leggings and a freaking sword! Asking if he was planning to rob a bank! Kaksuhi explains they are for reference but anyone who is an artist or writer understands...we do a lot of weird things. I am not going to explain my search history, but...let's just say that it is interesting and a police investigation would be very confused.

Oh goodness, this episode was amazing. I think I am loving this show even more because even though I am not a published artist, I get it. I have been in the creative writing field for a while, so I understand the Escape and having weird references for art. It is just so good. This might be one of my favorite shows this spring season.

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me about it!

Stay safe and Stay Sweet!

Source: MAL

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