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Kakushigoto / Ep. 3 Review

I have to say, this is in top contenders of one of my favorite animes of this Spring 2020 season. It gives me nothing but laughs and a good time.

We start with Goto-sensei meditating, you know, as you do as a creator because we will do anything to not actually work. Which it turns out everyone else on the staff is also finding ways not to work because they are all injured! Yikes!

This episode has a lot of side stories that all kind of fit the same theme of Hime not having her mother around. Hime's friends think that Hime is super rich because they live in a one-story house in the middle of a city which is super rare. However, Hime thinks that her family is poor because she thinks her father does not have a high paying job just being an "average salary-man", but they are living comfortably for Hime. Hime wants to live a more frugal life because she does not want to waste her father's money. This little duo is just absolutely hilarious, Goto always wants the best for Hime and Hime is trying to do the best for her father and yet they both don't know what each other are thinking.

Goto-sensei then gets into fitness because of the upcoming Sports Festival at Hime's school, he is getting fit and also needs to learn how to prepare a nice bento. Along the way, of course, any woman that he talks to immediately falls for him which I totally get, he is adorable, and then thinks he is hitting on them or proposing because he always mentions how Hime's life is so hard without a mother.

My goodness, I could not stop laughing with this show. There are such mini things in this show like the company trying to upgrade to digital art to produce things faster and a teen idol falling for Goto-sensei. It just doesn't stop with all the adorable scenarios. I love, I absolutely love it.

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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