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Kakushigoto / Ep. 5 Review

As amazing, heartfelt, and hilarious this show can be at times it really has moments where you can learn something.

The first being, Goto-sensei not wanting to be a judge for a manga contest because he doesn't want to hurt people's feelings and make them not like him. He then learns from Hime that, "You have to do duties that you don't want to do or else society will crumble." And dang is that not a good quote for right now.

STAY HOME If you cant, STAY HOME you might not want to but STAY HOME or else society will crumble. Listen to Hime!

Goto-sensei agrees to be the judge for the manga contest and actually provided good advice? When reading a page apparently on average, people will only read as long as they can hold their breath. So don't make the narration too long. I...I learn something?! I guess that is so true! Because no one wants to read something too long that they get confused and sometimes you have moments where you hold your breath when reading I learned something from this show. That is amazing!

The next part of the show, apparently the proofs did not go through to the editorial department and they lost 8 pages. Proofs are the manuscript that gets sent to the editorial department before it can be produced into the magazine and it is not common for proofs to get lost but it happens. So that means the team had to stay confined into a hotel until 5am the next day to redraw the 8 pages that were lost. Oof, that is rough.

I am so ready for this show to break my heart. Each time it goes to Hime being older and she is talking about the boxes left behind for her at different ages, I just...What is going to happen? It is going to happen at some point and I don't know if I am ready. I love this show so much and it is really a show I will be watching again because it is just that adorable and also...educational as an aspiring graphic novel artist? Even if you are not a creator, it is good to learn something about that side of the industry so you can appreciate even more what these artists go through.

Such a good show.

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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