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Kakushigoto / Ep. 6 Review

I remember going shopping for backpacks when going to school. And then I switched to anime messengers bags and I don't regret it. My pinched nerve regrets it, but I thought I looked cool. (I was in fact, not cool).

But you know who looks cool with their new backpack?! Hime! Apparently Hime gets sent a new backpack every year from a person who is "mysterious" to Hime, but Goto-sensei seems to know him. Of course, Goto-sensei is upset by this because buying a backpack for their child is an extreme privilege!

Going on this tangent of privileges, he and his team make work as their privilege! Goto-sensei then agrees to every offer because it is a privilege to be an artist! Yes! Yes! You go, Goto-sensei! Until, oh...oops, he overbooked everything and finds out he books an autograph signing the same day he is supposed to take Hime to an amusement park. Yikes!

Somehow everything works out because the signing was in a book store just across the way from the amusement park, Yey! But how? Surely Hime would find out about Goto-sensei! Nah, he good, kids are left alone at this park because apparently this is a park that kids learn different jobs? Why did I have this as a kid? That would have been so cool! It is like a work fair, but interactive! Adults need this! And Kids!

The signing, well, Goto-sensei loses his confidence a bit thinking that all the fans were paid and that no one would actually show up until a boy and his father come up and get a signing. It may have been a silly moment because obviously the content Goto-Sensei does is a little questionable for kids (which I mean, is why he is hiding it from Hime) but it was heart-warming because it showed that Goto actually does have fans! So sweet!

But even though one kid is allowed to see what Goto does, it does not mean Hime can! And Hime almost found out when a sign falls and Goto-sensei is exposed! But Hime, the oblivious little kumquat totally sees through Goto and his secret is safe.

This show is still amazing. I...Oh my goodness, it makes my heart feel so warm! It is absurd but gentle, crazy, but so sweet. I am still in love with this show and I am always excited for more.

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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