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Kakushigoto Ep. 7 Review

We last left off with Hime wanting a baby of her own at such a young age...A fur baby! Hime wanted to own and dog and proves that she can do it because she has done her research!

Goto-sensei compares to getting a dog is similar to starting a series, it is exciting at the start but it can be difficult to handle and it is even harder for it to end. I felt that very much so.

Kakushi gets nervous about having a dog though just in case kids come up to him and recognize him as Hime's dad. but he is in his manga artist gear and his secret would be exposed! Though it is very much true...when people are petting a dog, they do not care about the owner at all. Though...if friends see a dog enough, wouldn't they notice the dog in public too? Didn't think about that did you Goto-sensei!?!

After the devastation of not being able to get a puppy the manga company is disappointed after setting up everything for it and mourn with a painting of what looks to be Hime hugging a dog but the year of the painting made it kind of old. It was discovered that the girl was Hime's mother and that Hime looks so similar to her it is amazing!

The artist of the painting was Hime's grandfather who also happens to have a generation of the original dog and gives it to Goto to give to Hime.

I don't know who Hime's grandfather is...but he seems to know exactly that Hime needs. New backpacks, a puppy, and even a piano. Hime's mother played the piano and suggests that Hime starts to learn. Goto doesn't seem to like Hime's grandfather, but at least he is still providing regardless of what he thinks of Goto which is nice.

The episode ends with slowly getting more melancholic, with Hime's friends grown up waiting for Hime and Ichiko sensei saying she has good news and some bad news.

I'm nervous. I don't want to cry yet. This show is just so adorable and precious, but I know that anything this precious is going to just tear my heart out. I am not ready. I don't want the bad news! But I know it is going to happen! Ahhhh!!!

Are you watching Kakushigoto? Tell me about it!

Source: MAL

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